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The need for unique and extensive question banks was the reason behind WeCP. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to creating the best-in-industry screening platform. We aspire to help every technical recruiter and hiring manager achieve their goal of hiring the right talent. And as seen in recent years, there has been a staggering skills gap. To bridge that gap and empower organizations and businesses, we built WeCP.

“You don’t have to be a techie to hire a techie.”  

Our story

Two friends, Abhishek and Mohit wanted to test a lucrative idea that emerged out of a random Chai chat in a college cafeteria (2015). Nerds as they were, their obsession with coding challenges took a shape of a tech screening platform (2016).

An award-winning library of questions, compilers, and the ability to hire at scale attracted enterprise names and WeCP became the first choice of Infosys, Microsoft, Robert Bosch, Mindtree, and many more (2018). 

Skip forward to today. WeCP stands as a one-of-its-kind tech screening platform helping recruiters and hiring managers worldwide evaluate developers faster and with utmost efficiency (2020 & beyond).

WeCP was recognized as the “Top 4 Startup in India” by Startup Nexus, IC^2 in 2017, “Emerging Startups” by K-Startup World Grand Challenge in 2018, and “Top SaaS Startups” by Upekkha Catalyst- 2019.

WeCP is also the Momentum Leader (Fall 2021) and Top Performer (Fall 2020) in the Technical Skills Screening Software category on G2.


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Team that wins

Pioneered by a team of passionate founders who love to create magical digital experiences, and backed by experienced investors.

Abhishek Kaushik

CEO & Co-Founder

Mohit Goyal

CTO & Co-Founder

Yash Hemnani

Senior Software Developer Engineer

Rahul Badenkal

Fullstack Developer

Kuntal Bangabas

Head of Content Delivery & Operations

Ashwini Shenoy

Manager of Content Delivery & Operations

Priyanka K R


Anurag Singh

Software Developer Engineer

Neha NK

Product Designer

Abhishek N


Twisa Debbarma

Content Marketer

Mohsin Khan

Accounts Executive

Parth Gurudeo

Software Developer Engineer

Mehul Singh

Product Owner and Customer Success Manager

Sagaya Anand

Director Business Development

Sales Director at WeCP

Neeraj Sohni

Head of Sales (Americas)

Harpreet Oberoi

Head of Sales (India & APAC

Megharaj Shetty

Account Executive - Sales

Nikhil Panwar

Senior manager - Global Sales

Shashank Yadavally

Sr. Manager - Pre Sales and Customer Success

Iman Shakeel

Assessment Content Manager

Softwares are built to democratise the technology, especially, empowering people outside of the technical industry to access and achieve goals on their own. We’re building WeCP to democratise the technology for recruiters, by empowering them to hire techies without needing help from a techie. They do not need to be an engineer to hire an engineer.


CEO & Co-Founder

Our advisors


Partner Upekkha, Value SaaS Catalyst


Partner Upekkha, Venture Capital & Private Equity

Shekar Nair

Partner Upekkha, Serial Entrepreneur



Nexus is a collaboration between the American Embassy, New Delhi and ACIR to showcase the best of American and Indian Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology Commercialisation.


Upekkha is a Accelerator that helps founders build Value SaaS business where business grows fast in the most capital-efficient way. No relinquishing control nor loss of founder vision.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 175 fully featured services from data centers globally.


Microsoft for Startups is a global program dedicated to helping B2B startups successfully scale their companies by providing them with access to powerful technology.

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