WeCP Software Alternatives

Find out why WeCP is the go-to choice among alternatives

WeCP vs HackerRank

Talent Acquisition teams prefer WeCP over HackerRank because of its customizable question bank with a wide range of topics, the most accurate productivity, skill percentile report that identifies candidates with excellent technical adaptability, and the ability to conduct the test at scale.

WeCP vs HackerEarth

Talent Acquisition teams prefer WeCP over HackerEarth because it provides more accurate candidate productivity reports, skill percentile report identifying candidates with excellent technical adaptability, and a customized question bank that includes over 2 million questions.


WeCP vs Codility

Talent acquisition teams prefer WeCP over Codility because of its high performance in handling tests at scale, the accuracy of candidate productivity reports, and 150k+ unique questions in its question bank to assess candidates that perfectly match the company’s requirements.

WeCP vs Codesignal

Talent Acquisition Teams prefer WeCP over Codesignal because of its ability to integrate with a wide range of tools and flexible question bank with a wide range of topics, as well as the ability to produce highly accurate productivity and skill reports to identify candidates with excellent technical ability.

Why WeCP?

Powered by a modern code screening and interviewing software, WeCP helps talent acquisition teams in increasing recruitment productivity, build speedier candidate pipeline, automate the skill evaluation, impress candidates and finally achieve faster closure of positions.

Extensive Library of 150k+ Unique Questions

WeCP’s customizable question bank allows you to evaluate over 2000+ technical skills and job roles within four clicks

Assess Candidates at Scale

With WeCP, you can assess and hire more than 100k+ candidates at a scale similar to what Infosys is doing on our platform today

Candidate Productivity and Top 1% Skill Percentile

As a result of WeCP’s report, you will have an accurate view of candidate productivity, skill percentile, and top 1% talent skillset at your fingertips to identify the most qualified candidates. 

Trusted by 1000+ organisations to assess over 8M candidates

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