WeCP vs HackerEarth

WeCP is tailored to help every member of your Talent Acquisition team to hire the best tech talent. Compare it to HackerEarth.

Why people choose WeCP over HackerEarth

"Role-specific and challenging questions."

In the past few months, three out of five tech recruiters have switched to WeCP, citing this reason. When they worked with HackerEarth, they couldn’t find challenging questions for role-specific roles. They started looking for other best options in the market and ended up with WeCP.

WeCP's large customizable question bank view

"Easy, accurate cheating detection"

WeCP’s AI proctoring impressed most of our customers when they switched from HackerEarth. WeCP is the easiest way to spot candidates who cheat, no matter if there are 100,000 candidates or 100 candidates you’re assessing.
WeCP's AI Proctoring feature view

"Using WeCP's analytics, we don't miss any potential tech talent."

A large assessment database can make choosing the right candidate difficult for enterprises. HackerEarth’s analytics weren’t helping them avoid losing potential candidates. With WeCP, they can hire skilled tech talent without losing any potential candidates.

WeCP's Candidate Report view

Look over what they liked

Snapshots of what customers love about WeCP that made them switch.

What's out there and what's not

WeCP HackerEarth

Customizable question banks on a wide range of topics

Assess 2000+ skills and job roles using your own questions or from a massive library of 2 million+ questions.

The candidate's productivity and skill percentile report 

Get the most accurate productivity and skill percentile report to identify the candidate with excellent technical adaptability.

Friendly for recruiters from a non-tech background

Allow anyone with little technical knowledge to create an evaluation process with just in few clicks.

Quality of Support              

24/7 real-time chat and email support to help you be more efficient in your recruitment process.

Easy to set up and manage

Easy-to-use platform for high-performing talent acquisition teams.

Hands-on questions for every technical skill

Compiler-based evaluation in tests for all skillsets, including programming, full stack, devops, and data science.

AI-powered Video Proctoring

Catch any attempts of cheating by identifying violations to fullscreen, copy-paste, tab change, behavioural, or any other suspicious activities to ensure fair assessment completion. 

Problem Solving Skills Evaluator

A job task-based assessment of problem-solving skills.

WeCP Software

A better alternative report to HackerRank

Customizable Question Bank

Using a library of more than 2 million unique & customizable questions, you can hire candidates who are most qualified in a matter of 4 clicks

Hire at scale

WeCP promises 100% guaranteed uptime with enterprise-grade scalability.

State-of-the-art Compilers

WeCP’s top-in-class compilers create questions for legacy and most-in-demand tech skills in the world in seconds. 


candidate report


Provides analytics tools that reveal important business metrics and track progress.



Provides robust sharing options for communication with internal and external stakeholders.


Is accessible from a mobile device and by users on the go.

The most successful enterprises use us.

(And the fastest-growing startups too.)

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Hire skilled candidates. Cut engineering involvement. Increase Team efficiency.
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