Is WeCP a better TestDome alternative?

Identify an exceptional TestDome alternative to meet your organization’s assessment needs, empowering a seamless and effective hiring journey.

Why people choose WeCP over TestDome

WeCP provides an exceptional candidate assessment experience, giving hiring teams valuable insights into applicants’ job-specific skills. With WeCP’s unbiased and relevant assessments, delight candidates with engaging skill challenges that effectively evaluate their technical and cultural fit. The platform’s innovative features simplify the shortlisting process and streamline interviews, making WeCP a favorite among candidates and organizations alike. As compared to TestDome, here are the reasons why WeCP stands out.

"Flexibility & Customizations"

A third of tech recruiters switched to WeCP in the past few months as TestDome wasn’t flexible and customizable enough for their needs, so they chose WeCP instead. Now they can customize everything from questions to coding interviews according to their needs.

"Much Larger + Latest Questions Bank"

In the past few months, three out of five tech companies have switched to WeCP, citing this reason: WeCP’s questions bank is 10 times better and bigger than TestDome. Our question bank is updated with the latest updates in skills with much better skill-to-question relevancy.


"Much Better Candidate Experience"

Based on candidate responses collected from Infosys, Mindtree, Bosch, and Texas Instruments assessments, we found that over 90% of candidates preferred taking the test in WeCP.

Feature comparison: WeCP vs. TestDome

WeCP TestDome

Fresh, larger, and relevant question library

A library of 150,000+ unique questions allows you to evaluate 2000+ skills and job roles.

AI-powered video proctoring

Catch any attempts of cheating by identifying violations to fullscreen, copy-paste, tab change, behavioural, or any other suspicious activities to ensure fair assessment completion.

Productivity Graph: deeper candidate skills insights

Identify the candidate with excellent technical adaptability through the most accurate productivity and skill percentile report.

User-friendly Interface

An easy-to-use platform for high-performing talent acquisition teams.

Quality of Support

24/7 real-time chat and email support to help you be more efficient in your recruitment process.

Competitive Pricing

A cost-effective pricing plan tailored to meet your needs.

Enterprise Ready

SOC2 Type II, ISO 27001: 2013, and PCI DSS 3.2.1 certification.


Ability to integrate with ATS tools and other hiring solutions.

Detailed candidate feedback

Provides detailed feedback on the candidate experience.

Custom test redirection

After completing the test, candidates can be directed to your website, social media, or wherever you choose.

WeCP: Product overview

Assessment Vendor comparison checklist

Need a comparison sheet to compare all the available alternatives?

Here is an assessment vendor comparison checklist that can assist you in matching your needs, budget, and goals with the right assessment solution.

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Switch to WeCP: A better TestDome alternative

WeCP is an excellent TestDome alternative. With our tool, you can:

Frequently Asked Questions

TestDome’s equivalent is WeCP (We Create Problems), which stands out for its automated test creation, comprehensive reports, technical interview platform, and fraud detection capabilities. Additionally, it offers a great candidate experience, remote hiring support, and is a popular alternative to TestDome.

Yes! All business plans include a dedicated account manager and 24×7 email/chat/phone support.

For A-Z technical roles of all three levels – entry-level (0-3 yrs), mid-level (3-5 yrs), and senior level (5+ yrs). Check out the programming skills and roles we support. Do also check out the different assessment methods we offer. They’re really cool!

Yes, WeCP offers a free trial, allowing you to explore its features and benefits firsthand. Sign up for the free trial to discover why WeCP assessment tool is considered the best alternative to TestDome and other technical assessment platforms.


Q1: How do WeCP and TestDome compare in terms of evaluating coding skills?

A1: WeCP and TestDome are both skill assessment software platforms that provide coding tests and screening tools for evaluating coding skills during the recruitment process. They aim to help hiring managers and engineering teams identify the best candidates for software engineering roles.

WeCP (We Create Problems) is a coding assessment platform that offers a diverse skill assessment library, including tests for various programming languages, frameworks, and tools. It also provides video interviewing capabilities, allowing businesses to integrate these interviews into their hiring processes. The platform focuses on real-world coding challenges and assignments, which can help hiring managers assess job skills more accurately. WeCP’s anti-cheating measures ensure the quality and integrity of the assessments.

TestDome, on the other hand, is a pre-employment testing platform primarily focused on skill testing for developers. It offers a wide range of pre-built tests and a customizable test library, allowing businesses to tailor assessments to their hiring goals. TestDome provides coding tests for multiple programming languages, as well as other skills assessments for non-coding roles. It also offers integration with applicant tracking systems, making it easy to incorporate TestDome into existing workflows.

Both WeCP and TestDome alternatives aim to streamline the hiring pipeline by offering tools for technical screening and skill assessments. They both provide assessment libraries, covering multiple languages and frameworks, which can be customized to fit the needs of the engineering teams. Additionally, they help businesses reduce bias in their hiring decisions by offering objective evaluations of coding skills through coding assignments and code challenges.

The main difference between WeCP and TestDome lies in the additional features that WeCP offers, such as video interviewing and a more comprehensive suite of assessment tools. This allows WeCP to be more versatile in terms of its application across various recruitment scenarios. Moreover, WeCP’s focus on real-world coding challenges can provide a better candidate comparison in terms of job skills, ensuring the recruitment team makes the best hiring decisions.

In conclusion, both WeCP and TestDome are effective assessment platforms for evaluating coding skills and streamlining the recruitment process. While TestDome is a strong pre-employment testing platform, WeCP offers additional features such as video interviewing, making it a more comprehensive skills assessment platform. Ultimately, the choice between WeCP and TestDome depends on the specific requirements of the hiring managers, recruitment team, and businesses, as well as their preference for product customization, integration, and scalability.

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