What is an Automated Take-home Assignment?

Accurately Challenge a Candidate's Knowledge With Live Coding Tasks

Unlike traditional take-home assignment which requires a human grader, an automated take-home assignment auto grades a candidate submission. By opening an in-browser IDE candidates follow task instructions and submits their code. The system then executes their code against custom designed test cases and finally grades them for correctness and quality.


#1 Automated Take-home assignment tool

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Four benefits of an automated take-home assignment

Reduce Time

Reduce time consuming take-home assignment to a simple auto-gradeable coding project

Prevent Candidates

Prevent candidates from getting assignment done from someone else

Save Time

Save time from manual grading and back and forth follow-ups with candidates

Accurately check

Accurately check and challenge candidate’s knowledge and expertise before hiring

Challenges in Traditional Take-home assignment

For hiring experienced developers on a specific tech stack, algorithmic tests may not be the best idea. For example, if you’re hiring a react js developer you may want to interview a candidate by giving a react task rather than giving a mathematical algorithmic task. Similarly, if you’re hiring a devops engineer you would prefer asking candidates to successfully deploy an application on a linux server rather than asking to solve a dynamic programming challenge. Automated take-home assignments have several benefits including:

Set test duration

Saving Hiring Manager’s time

With traditional take-home assignments, hiring managers have to design a take-home task, set up the method of assessment, assign the task to candidates, write follow-up emails to check status and then manually evaluate. WeCP’s automated take-home assignment kills the manual labour involved grading the candidate’s submission and thus saves tonnes of time.

Improve candidate participation, and experience

Highly Effective in Finding Candidate who like to build stuffs

Engineering roles like frontend developers, backend developers, fullstack developers have to build real applications involving series of tools and libraries. If your screening process involves assessment of candidates on work like projects, it is quite effective in finding talents who can build stuffs from day zero.

Set test duration

Quick Assignments, Not time intensive

One of the major drawback of traditional take-homes is the time commitment they require from candidates. Requiring a candidate to take lengthy take-home assignments can lead them to drop out of your process. WeCP’s take-home assignments are available as 60 mins, 90 mins and 120 mins tasks which is a reasonable interview time expected from the candidates.

Why do recruiting teams choose WeCP for take-home assignment?

Removes the stress of live coding for candidates

Complex screening tasks as simple as building a to-do application or creating an API service can take an hour to two. These project tasks sometimes require candidates to use their own tools and work in the style they would if they were on the job. They can review and iterate on their work, take time away to think or rest, and rewrite. This method of candidate assessment removes a lot of the stress associated with onsite challenges.

WeCP Automated Take-home assignment:

  • Offers Candidate an in-browser IDE to code and make submissions
  • Allows Candidate to code in self-pace mode
  • Automatically evaluates the project submission against pre-designed test cases and see the result and make fixes

Super Fast In-browser IDE to Solve Projects

With the support of plenty of programming languages, development frameworks and tools, WeCP’s Take-home assignment IDE is made to handle advanced development source code with ease. Its intuitive UI makes it a favourite of all developers.

  • User-friendly Interface for test-takers
  • Robust IDE to handle heavy compilations

Prevents a Candidate From Getting The Assignment Done By Someone Else

By using WeCP’s proctor settings, identify the dishonest candidates, conduct a fair and square candidate screening and hire only the best tech talent!

  • Monitor or prohibit out of tab activities
  • Identity verification with AI Video Proctoring
  • Playback candidate submissions over time

WeCP For Candidate Screening

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Easy customisation

Easy Customisation

Easily customize the technical assessment platform to suit your needs.

Hands-on tasks

Hands-on tasks

Know your candidate’s skills by actually doing the tasks.

AI Proctoring

WeCP’s advanced proctoring effectively prevents cheating during assessment tests.

Get Code Quality

Get Code Quality

Get a deeper understanding of a candidate’s coding skills.

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