Display the statistics in the most cost-efficient way

You are asked to develop a feature for an application hosted on AWS. The feature must display the number of times the website has been visited or clicked. You have decided to invoke a lambda function to the show the required statistics.

In the given context, what is the most cost efficient and straightforward way to show the statistics at 8:00 AM GMT?


1.Create an AWS CloudWatch Events rule that is scheduled using a cron expression as “0 08 ** ?*”. Configure the target as the Lambda function.

2.Create an Amazon Linux EC2 T2 instance and set up a Cron job using Crontab. Use AWS CLI to call your AWS Lambda every 8:00 AM.

3.In AWSCloudWatch Events console, click “Create Event” using the cron expression “*?* * 08 00”. Configure the target as the Lambda function

4.Use Amazon Batch to set up a job with a job definition that runs every 8:00 AM for the Lambda function.

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