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WeCP Reduced Mindtree’s Live Interviews by Over 90% And Yet Hired Thousands of Solid Engineers

Company: Mindtree
Headquarters: Bangalore, India
Industry: IT Services & Technology Consulting
About Mindtree: Mindtree Ltd is an Indian multinational information technology services and consulting company, headquartered in Bangalore. It is a part of the Larsen & Toubro Group.





Company Description

Mindtree is a L&T group publicly listed company that works in Application Development and Maintenance, Data Analytics, Digital Services, Enterprise Application Integration and Business Process Management, Engineering R&D, Enterprise Application Services, Testing, and Infrastructure Management Services.

The Challenge: Thousands Of Manual Hours In Interviewing Candidates Leading to Attrition

Mindtree in-house engineers were overburdened by plethora of interviews schedule with them, they hate getting pulled from their work to run too many interviews that end up with a clear “NO.”

Before WeCP’s, Mindtree struggled to cut its live interviews time. Team leads were worried that their current team will get so fed up with interviewing and covering the gap work that they’ll end up leaving and creating yet another vacancy. That’s when Mindtree chose to go with WeCP from among dozens of other solutions to solve this critical problem.

WeCP team is driven by a common vision, kudos to getting this kind of alignment and goal orientation. WeCP is brilliantly helping us filter quality talent and optimize precious interviewer time.

Mindtree partners WeCP


Head of Campus Recruiting, Mindtree

The Solution: Automated Coding Aptitude Screening and Automated Interview Scheduling Cuts 90% Manual Interviewing Time

First in the hand was to standardise separate screening processes each for Freshers and Lateral Hiring. The technical assessment content team created assessment blueprints and test templates for over more than 30 roles.

For freshers, screening tests were designed to hire graduates who are quick learners and have solid foundation and for laterals screening tests were aimed to gauge debugging and complex project handling experience. A process was sketched to automate and streamline the progress of candidates from Sourcing -> Screening -> Interviewing -> Onboarding. This resulted in following key benefits for –

Complete elimination of manual labour to find viable candidates: As more of screening happened without manual intervention, Mindtree recruiting teams leveraged the saved time in doing more productive things such as widening their reach to candidates. The interview panel cost dropped and Mindtree’s own engineering team’s productivity went up.

Automated Interview scheduling helped conduct 1000s of Interviews in one go: Scheduling candidate interviews one-by-one with every interviewer is a herculean task. Mindtree talent acquisition team struggled to scale their interviewing process beyond a certain threshold. With WeCP’s automated interview scheduling feature, Mindtree TA team took hardly few seconds to schedule thousands of interviews in one go.

Highlights Of Business Benefits

Though other alternatives were available such as HackerRankCodility etc., Mindtree found WeCP to be a better and a complete solution. Until Q1 FY2022-23 our team has assessed more than 300k candidates using WeCP and have hired engineers in tens of thousands.

WeCP tool has helped Mindtree transform its technical recruiting significantly. Previously entire recruiting team spent all day reviewing candidates profile manually and scheduling 1-o-1 interviews for even those who aren’t really qualified for the role, with the WeCP tool we fixed those bottlenecks and happily scaled our recruiting.

Talent Hiring with WeCP

WeCP is a far exceptional product than many of those in the market. From assessing candidate’s programming expertise using coding IDE to assessing candidate’s cloud skill’s (AWS, Linux, Azure, Docker etc) expertise using automated VM based assessment, WeCP has proven us that technical hiring space enough space to innovate and players like WeCP has a long way to go. Thanks for helping us so well with all our needs.

Ganesh Kuppuswamy


Head – CoE, Global Talent Acquisition, Mindtree

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