About Codility Alternatives and Competitors

Deciding to implement skill assessment technology is a game-changer in developing your technical recruitment strategy. But understanding all the tools deeply to choose the best for your organization can be challenging. Will Codility be the best fit or should you go with an alternative?

We have put together this comparison to make your decision easier. We’ll dig into the top Codility alternatives and show you direct comparisons to help you choose a tool with all the features and capabilities your company needs.

Top Codility Alternatives

Most of the Codility alternatives help you in evaluating candidates before employment by technical recruiters and/or hiring managers. However tools like WeCP that:

  1. Ensures candidate hired would be a productive employee
  2. Reduces dependence of recruiters on engineering teams
  3. Sets up the evaluation process in few clicks
  4. Prevents cheating and impersonation
  5. Increases interview-to-offer rate

wins the deal. 

Top 5 Codility Alternatives

These alternatives of Codility offers a variety of features and has their own strength from technical skill assessment perspective:

  1. WeCP: reduces the over-dependence of recruiters on internal technical members such as senior software engineer, lead engineer, engineering manager etc and save $2,000 per engineering hire and more than $30,000 per year compared to other platforms. It offers nearly 500+ technical job role test temples and on-demand programming questions for a-z tech skills. WeCP also automates test-to-interview scheduling.
  2. CodeSignal: CodeSignal is a technical screening tool with a decent repository of questions, on-demand custom questions, and web proctoring.
  3. HackerRank: HackerRank is a popular developer screening tool. It offers assessments for a variety of skills, including full-stack development and database skills.
  4. HackerEarth: HackerEarth has the makings of a solid technical screening tool with a question bank of over 15000 questions, various skill tests, and features like video interviews
  5. Devskiller: Devskiller is a tech assessments platform to verify and develop coding skills with predefined tests and automated evaluation.

WeCP vs. Codility: Overview

WeCP is one of the top Codility alternatives. Both WeCP and Codility are technical skill screening tools designed to assist recruiters or hiring managers through an automated candidate screening process and increase hiring efficiency. With either tool, you can create hiring tests and invite candidates. You can also integrate your application tracking systems to streamline your technical recruiting. Both platforms offer analytics so you can see how candidates perform in the pre-hiring tests.

However, as you dig deeper into each product, you’ll find several differentiators. We’ll break down the key differences between the two platforms so you can choose the best Technical Skill Testing tool for your company.

Why Choose WeCP Over Codility

WeCP is to recruiting teams what Canva is to publishing teams  

WeCP consistently receives higher ratings than Codility on review platforms like G2 and Capterra, in categories ranging from customer support to ease of use to features and functionality.

Here are a few reasons to choose WeCP as your Technical Skill Screening Tool:

  • Candidate Experience: While Codility candidate experience has limited scale capacity for compilers causing crash and hassle, candidate experience in WeCP is best in class. Check it yourself.
  • Templates and Questions: When you’re ready to evaluate candidates, WeCP offers you out-of-the-box test templates to go-live with the test in the matter of few minutes. Codility has limited questions bank. 
  • Remote Proctoring: WeCP’s AI & Human enabled remote proctoring takes care of test integrity. Candidates who violate test rules set by company are automatically flagged. Codility tests are prone to cheating due lack of robustness in remote proctoring.
  • Friendly for recruiters from non-tech background: WeCP is super intuitive and simple to use. Firstly, WeCP allows anyone with slight technical knowledge to create an evaluation process just in no time and Secondly, using WeCP reduces the strain on engineering team by enabling recruiters to evaluate technical candidates without the involvement of engineering teams.
  • Hands-on questions for every technical skill: WeCP provides runtime evaluators for 2000+ technical skills  enabling you to evaluate candidates more on hands-on rather than on theories alone. From Programming to Fullstack to DevOpss to Data Science, you get compiler based evaluation in WeCP tests.
  • WeCP team is driven by a common vision, kudos to getting this kind of alignment and goal orientation. WeCP is brilliantly helping us filter quality talent and optimize precious interviewer time.

    Mindtree partners WeCP
    Christopher Anand
    Head of Campus Talent Acquisition - Mindtree
  • The questions at WeCP are of varying levels of difficulty for different types of assessments. This helps to analyze candidates in multiple dimensions and assess their strengths and weaknesses well.

    Allahbaksh Asadullah
    Principal Product Architect - Infosys
  • Everything from demo, training, and support is absolutely incredible. The UI is great and the assessment reports are easy to analyze. If you are looking for a testing platform, stop looking, and call WeCP. You won’t regret it!

    WeCP (We Create Problems) Testimonial
    Anuradha Amit Krishnan
    Marketing Program Manager - Bizbrain Technologies

Codility Features

Codility was among the first major companies in the technical skill assessment market. The company designed its platform to help companies conduct online tests during pre-employment stage. While they lack some of the capabilities in comparison to other platforms, Codility does have some useful features:

  • Reporting: Provides analytics tools that reveal important business metrics and track progress.
  • Access Management: Grant access to select data, features, objects, etc. based on the users, user role, groups, etc.
  • File Sharing: Provides robust sharing options for communication with both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Messaging: Contains in-application messaging abilities
  • Mobility:  Is accessible from a mobile device and by users on the go.

Codility Pricing

Codility does not publish its exact pricing. However, according to previous purchase experience of our sources, Codility costs starts from $6000-$8000 yearly. Codility focuses on customized plans, so pricing will depend on the features and number of seats your company needs.

WeCP - Technical Skill Screening Test

Why WeCP Is the Best Codility Alternative

  • More Questions and Better assessments: The strength of WeCP lies in having the most varied library of fresh, more challenging questions. The best part is the library is constantly being updated so we always have the newest questions to make technical assessment easy and better for our customers.
  • State-of-the-art Compilers: WeCP’s top-in-class compilers create questions for legacy as well as most-in-demand tech skills in the world in seconds. Refine your hiring by filtering the most suitable candidates for the right job with utmost accuracy.
  • A-Z developer skills covered: WeCP is proud to say that we have the largest library of questions as compared to any other platform. We cover all the popular and unpopular technical skills that you may want to assess to make a compelling IT team. Our library consists of skills ranging from javascript to salesforce and CSS to cloud computing.
  • Automated grading and filtering: WeCP uses state-of-the-art auto-evaluation techniques to assess just the right talent for your job. The machine-learning-based system not only checks for the right answers but also evaluates the qualitative accuracy of the answers, candidates’ focus, chances of guesswork done, time spent on solving practical problems, and the question-solving techniques, all of which lead to accurate hiring for the job.
  • Faster hiring at scale: WeCP promises 99.95% guaranteed uptime with enterprise-grade scalability, so you can conduct any number of tests with 100k+ candidates at a time without any fail or crash. Do away with conducting drives in slots with a limited pool of candidates. Hire at scale and save your precious time for the next level of interviews.
  • Better Branding: WeCP promises a consistent, smooth, and delightful experience for your candidates. The platform never lags or crashes and with the real IDE, they get a real work-like environment. Candidates will be thrilled to have unseen and challenging and most relevant questions being asked when you use WeCP. Create the type of branding you wish for tests, invites, and reports and deliver a seamless hiring experience.
  • Reduced chance of skill gap: Reduce any chance of skill gap with WeCP by creating and evaluating assessments based on real-world skills that match your exact job. Assess many different parameters of a candidate’s performance and filter the right candidates for the right job.
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