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Ex-Enterprise Sales at HackerRank joins WeCP

The former enterprise account manager of HackerRank- Sagaya Anand, has joined WeCP as Director of Business Development.

“Anand is an all-rounder, and I’m super excited to have him join our family. He is someone you’d love the energy of. I hope to see WeCP growing rapidly with him leading the growth strategies.” said Abhishek Kaushik, CEO & Co-founder of WeCP.

Anand called it quits from HackerRank this year and later joined WeCP. He has fifteen years of experience in developing and executing business strategies. He is proficient in handling enterprise accounts in SaaS product business development. Anand believes in creating the best business strategies that align with the organization’s domains, which generates high ROI and establishes a strong brand presence. He ultimately aims to utilize his knowledge and experience to become a valuable asset to the organization. 

Here is the list of companies he was associated with:

Below is an interview bit with Sagaya Anand, Director of Business Development:

Twisa: How have sales, in general, transformed over the years in SaaS?

Anand: The global B2B SaaS market is evolving rapidly, and this transformation has dramatically changed the sales process. Prospective buyers have already researched our product and our competitors before contacting our sales team. During this evolution, salespeople have quickly changed their approach and have started focusing on building credibility-based relationships which have become the cornerstone of every successful business deal. The sales and marketing teams are working side by side in generating organic interest, enhance the customer experience through the right tools, and close more deals.

Twisa: How do you look at the talent industry and WeCP’s role in it?

Anand: As a result of the pandemic, the talent industry has undergone significant changes. It has resulted in a world where work-life balance and flexibility have become the top priorities for employees. Companies have access to a large pool of qualified candidates, but more than 80% of them struggle to fill technical positions within the stipulated time frame, resulting in a negative candidate experience and a high hiring cost. WeCP is helping companies boost the productivity of recruiters and technical hiring managers, build a strong candidate pipeline through automated skill evaluation and deliver an enriching customer and candidate experience, leading to improved efficiency in the hiring processes.

Twisa: You’ll be our Director of Business Development. Given the recession, what will be your Business strategy for WeCP?

Anand: The key to success during this economic slowdown is to concentrate relentlessly on activities that will contribute the most to revenue growth. Creating content and messaging that demonstrates value and fosters trust is essential to thriving during this challenging time. It is our goal to collaborate closely with our customer success team and champions within an account to drive adoption, promote best practices, and recognize value.

Twisa: What made you switch to WeCP?

Anand: WeCP strives to develop products that help engineering teams build excellent teams. My greatest admiration for WeCP is its commitment to ensuring that technical assessments are fair for all developers.

Twisa: Upon digging, we found that you are quite the explorer. Please share with us your secret of balancing hobbies and work.

Anand: There is no secret to it. I strongly believe that hobbies alleviate stress and improve your physical and mental wellness.

WeCP is super excited to grow and achieve new heights of success under his leadership.

A hearty welcome once again to our new Director of Business Development, Sagaya Anand.

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WeCP: What is it?

WeCP: What is it?

WeCP is a 4-click technical hiring software for talent acquisition departments. Our mission is to create a world where anyone can hire techies with ease. WeCP allows you to hire engineers without burdening your engineering department.

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