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Ex-Vice President Sales of Info Edge joins WeCP

The former Vice President Sales of Info Edge- Harpreet Oberoi, has joined WeCP as Head of Sales ( India & APAC).

“It is great news for everyone at WeCP that Harpreet is joining us. Under her leadership, I am confident business will reach new heights. Her energy and desire to make WeCP successful has already left us very impressed“.

said Abhishek Kaushik, CEO & Co-founder of WeCP.

Harpreet bid adieu to Info Edge this year and later joined WeCP. She has sixteen years of experience leading and implementing end-to-end business growth strategies. She is proficient in evangelizing HR-Tech solutions solving complex challenges, and developing long-term partnerships by driving measurable business impact. Harpreet believes in discovering customer pain points and creating business opportunities by managing performance-driven business operations and determining the company’s mission & strategic direction as conveyed through policies & corporate objectives. 

Here is the list of companies she was associated with:

Below is an interview bit with Harpreet Oberoi, Head of Sales (India & APAC):

Twisa: How have sales, in general, transformed over the years in SaaS?

Harpreet: “While sales have not fundamentally changed a lot. Sales are still about conversations and not presentations, but enablement of sales teams is now playing a crucial role.” The pandemic has changed how many sales people would approach sales to linear based relationship to credibility relationships.
Buyers are also researching companies more, as meeting in person is still a challenge. An effective sales process today would involve understanding customers business objectives more and what does success look like for them and then to position the value what we bring to the table to solve for these challenges.

Twisa: How do you look at the talent industry and WeCP’s role in it?

Harpreet: As per a recent Mercer Report, the pandemic has demonstrated the need to be both opportunistic and risk-aware. People are seeking a sense of joy and freedom to reshape their lives. Organizations have bold plans for reinvention, but are they focused on what will really make a difference?
On Linkedin alone, there was an increase of over 60 % more jobs as compared to last year. Still hiring challenges remain. Organizations are moving to Internal Mobility to solve for open roles.
WeCP is right in center of all the action, as organization are focused on hiring more quality talent WeCP solutions can perfectly solve for the same. More than 90 % of the hiring managers time can be saved by using our solutions. WeCP can also solve for internal reassessments.

Twisa: You will be our Head of Sales ( India & APAC ). Given the recession, what will be your sales strategy for WeCP in the Indian Market?

Harpreet: As per me, we are not in a recession yet, there is definitely a slowdown and a lot of uncertainty in the market. Having said that there are a lot of organizations who are hiring in large numbers, organizations still need to hire for backfill roles with attrition percentages between 15 – 20 %.
For me, it’s almost about building a customer-first and people-centric business. At WeCP, we first need to focus on our existing customers and how we are driving maximum value to them. Majority of our business till now is driven through referrals as customers are very happy referring us to the market basis the results they have seen. As we continue to grow, our focus will be on domestic players whose revenue is largely dependent on the Indian market, and we can clearly see the GDP of India continuing to grow.

Twisa: What made you switch to WeCP?

Harpreet: After spending a good 16 years with Info Edge and developing the business and people there I was considering something challenging that would also help me develop new skills and grow at the same time. For me the vision of Wecp and the Leadership team of Abhishek & Mohit really helped influence my decision making process. Growing Wecp from where it is today and further strengthening the sales & customer success team is what really prompted me to take up the role.

Twisa: Since you’ve been in this industry for 16+ years. Please share with us the secret of your leadership journey.

Harpreet: Like majority of the working professionals today my journey has also been a mixed bag. I have experienced over 3 slowdowns globally and its been a challenge to manage customers & people at these turbulent times. My leadership journey is more about being adaptable. Adaptable to change and people. Majority of the successful leaders are the ones who have been able to navigate and adapt to these changing circumstances. People are the one who drive successful business and business outcomes, & for me investing in people and having a people & customer first culture strategy has been a long term success mantra.

WeCP is super excited to grow and achieve new heights of success under her leadership.

A hearty welcome once again to our new Head of Sales (India and APAC), Harpreet Oberoi.

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WeCP: What is it?

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