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Intern in Spotlight – Kushagra Nigam (Jaypee Institute Of Information Technology, Noida)

Meet one of our star interns, Kushagra Nigam, who recently completed his 3-month long internship with us!

An ACM-ICPC regionalist, Kushagra is an enthusiast about upcoming technologies. What’s more, this young and talented student of Computer Science has already published a research paper related to the field of Machine Learning!

Here's Kushagra Describing His Internship Experience With Us

“I was a part of the All India SDE Test Series hosted by WeCP. Hence I was added to a Whatsapp group created by them with other participants of that series. There was a job opening (intern) that was directly shared with the group. I contacted them with my resume and after a round of interviews, I got selected.”

The Work

“My daily tasks would consist of checking the previously created programming problems and writing articles if needed. After some time with my internship, I wanted to learn backend development (had no prior skills about it). I switched to SDE role.”

Highlights Of The Internship

“The initial role for which I was selected was Customer Success Manager and Problem Tester intern. My major job was to check the robustness of the existing programming problems and create some tech/platform related articles to facilitate clients easily to the platform. I was expecting all the perks of joining a startup. Yes, they were all fulfilled. Initially, I had signed up for a 2-month-long internship, but I pulled off another month from my daily college routine to work with my fellow teammates for another month.”

“I had a lot of fun and enjoyed working with the team. The daily scrum meetings used to happen at 11:30 and everyone used to discuss their daily work. Though I was from a technical domain, I enjoyed listening to folks from marketing and sales background as well. My mentors were great. I learned things from scratch and worked upon my task to automate the generation of the function template which participants have to fill during a programming contest. The 3 months with the WeCP team were awesome, impactful, and full of learning.”

Kushagra's Message To Our Readers

“This internship helped me sharpen my technical skills, be it in programming or development. Not only the technical skills, but I also got the gist of how the businesses work, how to fulfill client needs, and how to market your product. Thanks to the daily scrum meetings which helped me enhance my interpersonal skills. These learnings have been really great, thanks to team members and mentors.”

“I would definitely recommend WeCP to my fellow friends, who want to work in a fast-paced environment and learn a lot of things with fun and without pressure.”

Kushagra On The Perks Of Working With A Startup

“There are a lot of advantages to joining a startup. The team is small and highly professional who is working for an impact. You explore different fields like engineering, marketing, sales, etc. The work opportunities and learnings are great in a startup. More importantly, you learn about Entrepreneurship. Last but not least you adapt to changes and uncertainties.”

Even though Kushagra worked with us for a brief period of time, he has become an integral part of the family and we wish him all the success in his future endeavors.

If you are a young professional, looking to be a part of a growing dynamic team, connect with us to explore opportunities.

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