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Intern in Spotlight – Neha NK

Meet Neha – the brains behind the look and feel of the WeCP platform. Neha has been a part of WeCP for seven months now, and she has completed her Bachelor of Design (B. Des) from PES University, Bangalore.

What’s more, is that this young and talented lady is trained semi-professionally in Badminton and Mixed Martial Arts. She loves to dance, cooks delicious food, and has a soft spot for various types of sports. The sky truly is the limit for Neha!

We chatted with Neha about her journey so far. Read it below in her own words –

Here’s What Neha Has To Say About Her Time With WeCP 👇

I’m from the Batch of 2020, or rather the Covid Batch 🤓. I was applying for internships in my 8th semester but got no replies. I applied for jobs later, but since we were in the early stages of the pandemic, I got no responses as no one was hiring, especially a Designer.

Then we happened to have a virtual YouTube Live graduation in November 2020. A YouTube screenshot of my degree certificate was all I had as proof of my Under Graduation, which my dad, of course, put up on his Facebook page. Abhishek (WeCP’s Co-founder & CEO), who knew my father from the time they worked at the same company, saw his post on Facebook and approached him saying he was looking for a candidate to fill the position of a product designer. And that is how my journey began with WeCP (We Create Problems).

What Does Neha’s Work-day Look Like?

My day typically starts with the daily scrum meeting. I joined WeCP as a product design intern, but I’ve just started as a CSM as well; however, my efforts are mostly poured into the product. Depending upon the part of the release cycle we are on, my tasks keep changing – the actual Product designing, discussing the product behavior, product QA testing, managing the help articles, and anywhere else an extra pair of hands and a brain is needed. There is no ‘end’ to my day; sometimes, we have meetings at 9 in the night, on weekends! but it’s cool. Everyone is pretty flexible, and we decide on a common time, so it doesn’t feel overbearing.

Highlights Of Her Internship At WeCP

A big shout out to the people and the work culture! We are constantly pushed and encouraged to do what each of us wants to do, even if it is not what we were initially hired for. The founders Abhishek and Mohit encourage personal growth at the core – they believe that only if each of us improves each day, we can get the company to grow.

I do miss the office culture. Since I started mid-pandemic, I haven’t seen/met any of my colleagues, never been to the office either. All I hear from my colleagues is how cool and fun the workplace is – so just a big FOMO there. 🏠👨‍💻

Neha On The Perks Of Working At A Startup

We get to work on SO MANY THINGS. I’m exposed to other fields in terms of products, companies, and people. It’s absolutely enthralling!

We get to talk to different people within the company and outside, which has helped me build a better worldview. In addition, there is always something new to look forward to since we are still a growing company (a fast-paced one), so it’s never a dull period.

Neha’s Message For You

More than anything, the work culture and the people here are wonderful! Even if I’m having a dull day, listening to others talk about how their day is going really gives me that extra push to do better. Watching how everyone else is working hard towards a common goal, especially since we’re all working from home now, fuels me up every day.

Everyone is given full ownership of their tasks, and this helps us build confidence and understanding of our abilities and subjects. So I’m really glad I chose WeCP and that WeCP chose me. 😇

Even though it’s only been a couple of months for Neha at WeCP, she has already made an impact with her work and her amazing personality.

If you are a young professional looking to be a part of a growing, dynamic team, connect with us to explore opportunities.

P.S. We have a great skills library, advanced evaluators, and a kick-ass product, so do consider WeCP (We Create Problems) as your next tech skills testing platform.

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