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Intern in Spotlight – Pavithra S. (NIT Trichy)

Intern in Spotlight – Pavithra S. (NIT Trichy) - WeCP (We Create Problems) Blog

Meet Pavithra, a diligent young mind who recently completed her two-month-long internship with us.

Passionate about blockchain and deep learning, Pavithra S. is currently pursuing her degree in Computer Science and Engineering at the National Institute of Technology, Trichy.

When she is not coding, Pavithra likes to dance and has a knack for solving puzzles.

Here's Pavithra Describing Her Internship Experience With US!

“I came to know about WeCP through people who previously interned here. I heard many positive things about working for the start-up and was looking forward to working on exciting projects. My two months here at WeCP have been one of the best moments of my life so far. I was amazed by the multiple categories of question banks and how WeCP makes remote hiring easier and convenient. Despite being a remote internship, interaction with the team didn’t lack in any way, if not highly impressive, especially my mentor, who was readily available to help me out at any time of the day. The internship helped me improve my skillset and become a better developer.”

The Work:

“My work began with minor User Interface (UI) changes and runtime optimizations. The main project I worked on was revamping and restructuring the warehouse – a repository for questions. I enjoyed brainstorming and adding features to the warehouse. Among all the sub-tasks in the project, I enjoyed working on decreasing the loading time of questions and providing a smooth and interactive UI to filter items, the most!”

Highlights Of The Internship

“One of the most important lessons I learned was that one could deepen their knowledge with every task they finish, be it as necessary as changing the database structure or as small as a bug fix. The most exciting part was that WeCP was a start-up and offered closer and personal communication with my mentor and the rest of the team. I had the opportunity to observe what different units of a company work on. Apart from that, I think I learned something new everyday from each scrum call.”

Pavithra's Message To Our Readers

“My internship at WeCP was terrific. It’s a great place to grow your professional network and get some experience working on exciting things. If you are interested in contributing to the field of education using technology, I’d highly encourage you to apply for WeCP.”

Even though Pavithra worked with us for a brief period of time, she has become an integral part of the family and we wish her all the success in her future endeavors.

If you are a young professional, looking to be a part of a growing dynamic team, connect with us to explore opportunities.

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