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Intern in Spotlight – Riya

Meet the voice behind our social media pages. Let the spotlight shine on Riya, our very own wordsmith and social media marketing intern. Riya has been a part of WeCP for 4 months now, and she has already made a difference. We spoke to her about her journey. Read it in her own words.

Here’s what Riya has to say about her time with WeCP

I had this picture in my mind of my perfect job before I even started applying for internships. It included a friendly and respectful team where people know how to appreciate and help in each other’s growth. 

This is my fourth internship which I got through Internshala. First, the questions on the application form tested my marketing knowledge and design skills. Then I got selected for a phone interview which led to another skill assessment. This time it was about how I write and think. 

For someone who is just starting out, the assessment itself will grow your skills if you are willing to give your 100%. 

And after that, it was – “When can we start?”

What does Riya’s work-day look like?

Well, it’s more than just designs and words, which people usually think social media marketing means. You have to be the go-to resource of your team for every platform you manage. But to keep it simple, I design and implement the content and social media strategy for our brand aligned with our business goals as part of my daily activities

Highlights of her Internship at WeCP

Did I say I love the team? On my first scrum call, everyone from the CEO to interns introduced themselves to ease my nervousness. You can meet all the bright minds behind the company on the daily scrum and know about their daily contribution. 

I also love that they make you feel like you own it, and if I ever need support Ms. Dependable, our Head of Marketing, is always there to tell me you’ve got this!

Riya’s message to our readers

The WeCP family has members from different parts of the world. Our diversity & inclusion continues to grow as WeCP embraces remote work. We have a great work culture for growth, and a learning attitude is always encouraged. WeCP can be your opportunity to skyrocket in your career, or maybe (actually certainly 🙂 ) you will find your dream team here. If you think you have the right mix of skills and work ethic, you are always welcome to reach out.

Riya on the perks of working with a startup

A marketer in a startup needs to be a jack of all trades, i.e. social media, copy, content, community, customers, prospects and more. All your talents are explored and polished into version 2.0. It is the best environment to gain experience. Learning and A/B tests never end in a startup. Young people should start their career journey with an active and challenging workspace like a startup.

Those were some heartwarming words! We are lucky to have people who love WeCP and their role in it. If you ever read something awesome on our social media pages, go and appreciate Riya here

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#1 WeCP | We Create Problems

WeCP has the largest repository of technical skills assessment templates on the platform. Where other platforms average a few thousand to generously over 10,000 questions, WeCP has over 0.2 million+ technical questions in the bank. The question bank contains programming skill assessment test questions for every tech role, whether it’s frontend or full-stack development, data science, DevOps, or something else. 

Tech recruiters can generate custom tests on-demand with WeCP to evaluate over 2000 different technical skills. Need more customization with the test questions and design? WeCP’s team is on standby to help you out there too.

Aside from the impressive size of the question bank and the high quality of the questions themselves, WeCP sets itself apart from the competition in another big way – the evaluation process. WeCP uses SkillMaps for scientifically evaluating candidates, guaranteeing accuracy, and all the tests in the repository have been thoroughly vetted. Moreover, WeCP’s technical screening is made cheat-proof through:

  • Constant addition of new tests
  • Internal patrol 
  • Dynamic rotation
  • Advanced plagiarism checker
  • AI-based video proctoring

WeCP’s questions are thoroughly scrutinized for difficulty, guaranteeing candidates can’t just Google the answers or prepare for them beforehand. Whether you design a custom test or use a pre-built one, WeCP guarantees unique, challenging, skill-mapped assessments through its AI-powered problem solving skills assessment feature to help you track down the best candidate.

#2 Codility

Codility is a powerful tech screening solution and remote hiring tool tailored for engineering teams. The recruitment platform has been around since 2009 and provides employers with powerful screening and interviewing tools. 

Codility has a diverse knowledge base and includes skill tests for various roles – you can use the tool to evaluate potential candidates for frontend and backend developer positions, data science, language skills, and more. However, one drawback of using this tool is that it lacks AI-powered video proctoring and web proctoring features, which may lead to cheating.

One of Codility’s most appreciated features is its ‘candidate feedback’ option. If you enable this feature, Codility provides candidates with a breakdown of their score immediately after submission of the skill test. Enabling automated candidate feedback helps recruiters be more transparent about the hiring process.

#3 CodeSignal

CodeSignal is a popular technical screening tool for tech recruiters with a decent repository of questions, web proctoring, on-demand custom questions, and even video interviews.

CodeSignal is a relatively young recruitment platform, having popped up in 2015, but it has since made a good name for itself. The tool helps recruiters generate custom tests for a wide variety of programming languages and developer skills.

Some candidates have expressed concern regarding CodeSignal’s existing questions, citing them to be verbose and difficult to comprehend. On the whole, though, CodeSignal is a reliable tool. It has helped many tech companies evolve past using resumes for evaluation into the more reliable realm of coding skill tests.

#4 HackerRank

HackerRank is a popular developer screening tool. The platform offers assessment tests for a variety of skills, including tests for full-stack development skills and database skills.

HackerRank has been around since 2012 and has since grown its client list to over 2000. The tool provides framework support and helps recruiters assess up to 44 skills with its rich repository of questions. After designing your custom assessment with HackerRank, you can opt for the automated scoring system or manually score the tests.

#5 HackerEarth

HackerEarth has the makings of a solid technical screening tool – it has a decent question bank (sporting over 15000 questions), has tests for all relevant skills, and has features like video interviews that some of its competitors lack. However, it does miss out on the whiteboarding features that WeCP offers.

Like HackerRank, HackerEarth was founded in 2012 and has since catered to over a thousand clients. The platform supports proctoring and helps recruiters screen and short-list top-performing candidates thanks to reliable coding assessments and an integrated scoring system.

#6 Xobin

Xobin has built one of the most trusted pre-hire screening tests and psychometric tests in functions like Technology, Marketing, Finance, Hr & Ops. Their software enables over 600+ growth-stage companies to screen, shortlist and interview the right applicants. 

Back in 2016, Xobin started as a small group of specialists united by one mission-to make pre-employment screening an efficient process for both recruiters and candidates. Six years later, it still remains the most important guiding principle that it leans on. 


We’ve listed the best technical skills assessment platforms available in the market right now, and while they all have a lot to offer, WeCP provides technical recruiters and hiring teams with the most value, with its unmatched question bank, exceptional security, versatility, SkillMaps based evaluation, and cheat-proof makeup. WeCP is the only all-in-one technical screening tool that provides everything a recruiting team could possibly need.

Hire the best candidates through technical screening using our platform WeCP and with technical recruiting experts at your service 24/7. Schedule a demo with WeCP.

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