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Intern in Spotlight - Riya - WeCP (We Create Problems) Blog

Meet the voice behind our social media pages. Let the spotlight shine on Riya, our very own wordsmith and social media marketing intern. Riya has been a part of WeCP for 4 months now, and she has already made a difference. We spoke to her about her journey. Read it in her own words.

Here’s what Riya has to say about her time with WeCP

I had this picture in my mind of my perfect job before I even started applying for internships. It included a friendly and respectful team where people know how to appreciate and help in each other’s growth. 

This is my fourth internship which I got through Internshala. First, the questions on the application form tested my marketing knowledge and design skills. Then I got selected for a phone interview which led to another skill assessment. This time it was about how I write and think. 

For someone who is just starting out, the assessment itself will grow your skills if you are willing to give your 100%. 

And after that, it was – “When can we start?”

What does Riya’s work-day look like?

Well, it’s more than just designs and words, which people usually think social media marketing means. You have to be the go-to resource of your team for every platform you manage. But to keep it simple, I design and implement the content and social media strategy for our brand aligned with our business goals as part of my daily activities. 

Highlights of her Internship at WeCP

Did I say I love the team? On my first scrum call, everyone from the CEO to interns introduced themselves to ease my nervousness. You can meet all the bright minds behind the company on the daily scrum and know about their daily contribution. 

I also love that they make you feel like you own it, and if I ever need support Ms. Dependable, our Head of Marketing, is always there to tell me you’ve got this! 

Riya’s message to our readers

The WeCP family has members from different parts of the world. Our diversity & inclusion continues to grow as WeCP embraces remote work. We have a great work culture for growth, and a learning attitude is always encouraged. WeCP can be your opportunity to skyrocket in your career, or maybe (actually certainly 🙂 ) you will find your dream team here. If you think you have the right mix of skills and work ethic, you are always welcome to reach out.

Riya on the perks of working with a startup

A marketer in a startup needs to be a jack of all trades, i.e. social media, copy, content, community, customers, prospects and more. All your talents are explored and polished into version 2.0. It is the best environment to gain experience. Learning and A/B tests never end in a startup. Young people should start their career journey with an active and challenging workspace like a startup.

Those were some heartwarming words! We are lucky to have people who love WeCP and their role in it. If you ever read something awesome on our social media pages, go and appreciate Riya here

Are you a young professional looking to be a part of a growing, dynamic team? Connect with us to explore opportunities.

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