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Intern in Spotlight – Srinidhi Bhat (IIT Kharagpur)

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Srinidhi Bhat was a part of the WeCP family for 2 months as part of our Summer Internship Program. He was pursuing his dual degree in Computer Science from IIT Kharagpur. His hobbies include playing chess & badminton, speedcubing, sketching, solving puzzles, and mathematical calculations.

Areas of interest: Algorithms, AI and Cryptography.

Here's What Srinidhi Had To Say About His Time With WeCP

“I had heard good things about the company and had expected to be working on some exciting project. My expectations, however, were blown away. It was the best summer that I have ever had! I was thrilled by the immense learning opportunity which I got through the knowledge-sharing framework of WeCP, coming straight from the experts. I loved my work, the people whom I had worked with were incredible, and  I liked the office and the location. It couldn’t have been better.”

At WeCP, we give complete ownership of the tasks that are assigned to any of our team members. Among the several tasks that he was entrusted with, report analysis was his favorite. Srinidhi got the opportunity to work on several tools that were new to him. “I had the freedom to implement my own logic, check its consistency and then implement it in the code during the course of this task. I found it to be very challenging and exciting, and I learned immensely from it”, says Srinidhi.

Srinidhi's Key Takeaways From The Internship

“I was really motivated by the people working at WeCP. I feel really privileged to have had great mentors guiding me throughout my internship. The work and the environment have a magical touch in them, but most importantly, I got to make great friends at WeCP.”

His Memorable Moment

“The most memorable moment was when I was asked to create a few problems for one of the assessment projects that WeCP is known for. It was incredible. I had to put on my thinking hat and generate my own assessment problems. It was an experience I had never had before!”

Srinidhi's Message To Our Readers

“If there’s anything I had learned from WeCP apart from the learning experienced which I have spoken about before, it would be that if you follow your passion and put in the effort, your success is inevitable. This is something I would like to share with everyone who reads this.”

Srinidhi took up courses in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing after he developed an interest to learn more about their application during his time in WeCP.

It was great to have Srinidhi as a part of the WeCP family. We wish him all the success in his future endeavors.

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