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Intern in Spotlight – Prince Piyush (Delhi Technical University)

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Meet Prince Piyush!

He is a B.Tech graduate from Delhi Technological University. He describes himself as a “learner” with hobbies like playing online games and reading about new technologies in his free time.

He had a particular interest in GoLang as well as AWS and interned with us for a month.

Here's What Prince Had To Say About His Time In WeCP

“As it was my first internship, I was pretty excited when I received the offer letter. I didn’t know anything about the corporate world and I wanted to get experience about how things work in a company. I also wanted to learn new technologies and skills. My experience at WeCP met all my expectations. It helped me explore more of my abilities and grow as a Developer. I acquired many technical skills like AWS services, Angular, Node, various APIs, SonarQube, and many other soft skills like managing time, working with a team, professionalism, etc. Everyone at WeCP was very friendly, I never felt that I was away from home.”

At WeCP, we give complete ownership of the tasks that are assigned to any of our team members. Prince was assigned quite a lot of tasks during his time here, but there was one particular task that he enjoyed working on adding SonarQube as a parameter for judging applications on Developly. In this, he had the opportunity to learn about writing good code and how to check for vulnerabilities that are not visible normally, and small things that add quality to the code.

Prince's Key Takeaways From The Internship

“This internship changed the way I think about work. I had two key takeaways from this internship. First, I explored my learning capabilities and got to know that I can grasp knowledge at a great pace. Second, I got to learn about AWS. I had never worked on AWS, and it was really good to work on these services.”

His Memorable Moment

“I can never forget the chai time in the evening when everyone gathers for tea at the nearby tea & snacks shop and have some fun. It’s always been the most refreshing part of my day.”

Prince's Message To Our Readers

“WeCP is an amazing place to work. With great mentors, here, you can gain many technical skills as well as soft skills. With a great environment, you will always feel at home and never get uncomfortable. With great people, you will never be tired. All in all, I don’t think anyone can have a better environment than WeCP for work.”

Prince told us his goal for the future is to associated with a vibrant organization, where he can efficiently use his abilities towards the betterment of society and grow as an excellent Software Developer. That’s why his main focus has been on academics and competitive programming more than anything else.

It was great to have Prince as a part of the WeCP family. We wish him all the success in his future endeavors.

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