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  • Assess 5 candidates a month
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  • 10 free questions

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  • Assess upto 500 candidates annually
  • Access to premium test templates
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  • 24 * 7 support
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Top Features Freemium Premium Enterprise
 No. of Seats  2 Custom Unlimited
 Test Credits  60 yearly 500 yearly Custom
 Face-to-face Interview Credits  60 yearly 500 yearly Custom
 Pre-built Test Templates  Limited Full Access Full Access
 Premium Questions  No supports Full Access Full Access

 Programming   Compilers 

Supports Supports Supports
 Project Compilers  No supports Supports Supports
 DevOps Compilers  No supports Supports Supports
 Data Science Compiler No supports Supports Supports
 AI/ML Compiler No supports Supports Supports
 Database Compilers No supports Supports Supports
 MCQ / Subjective / Work Sample Supports Supports Supports
Standard Proctoring No supports Supports Supports
Advanced AI Proctoring No supports Supports Supports
Code Plagiarism Detection No supports Supports Supports
Code Quality Reporting No supports Supports Supports
 ATS Integration No supports Supports Supports
 Automated Test-to-Interview Scheduling No supports No supports Supports
 GDPR Compliance Supports Supports Supports
 Recruiting Insights No supports Supports Supports
 SSO No supports No supports Supports
 WeCP Developer APIs No supports No supports Supports
 Anti Question Leakage  No supports Supports Supports
 Support Chat Chat + Email + Phone Chat + Email + Phone
 Multiple Teams No supports Supports Supports
Custom Branding No supports Supports Supports
Detailed Usage Report No supports Supports Supports
Notify Candidates No supports Supports Supports
Adaptive Test Mode No supports Supports Supports
Candidate Efficiency Metric No supports Supports Supports
Candidate Productivity Metric No supports Supports Supports
Candidate Benchmarking No supports Supports Supports
Conducting Hackathons No supports Supports Supports
Conducting Upskilling Tests Supports Supports Supports
Automatic Personalisation of Question Library No supports No supports Supports
  • WeCP team is driven by a common vision, kudos to getting this kind of alignment and goal orientation. WeCP is brilliantly helping us filter quality talent and optimize precious interviewer time.

    Mindtree partners WeCP
    Christopher Anand
    Head of Campus Talent Acquisition - Mindtree
  • The questions at WeCP are of varying levels of difficulty for different types of assessments. This helps to analyze candidates in multiple dimensions and assess their strengths and weaknesses well.

    Allahbaksh Asadullah
    Principal Product Architect - Infosys
  • Everything from demo, training, and support is absolutely incredible. The UI is great and the assessment reports are easy to analyze. If you are looking for a testing platform, stop looking, and call WeCP. You won’t regret it!

    WeCP (We Create Problems) Testimonial
    Anuradha Amit Krishnan
    Marketing Program Manager - Bizbrain Technologies

Frequently asked questions


A technical skills assessment platform hosts a library of pre-existing pre-employment assessment test questions and answers for recruiters and hiring managers to create assessments and screen technical talent at scale, in a few clicks. With the largest library of questions, state-of-the-art compilers, and advanced features, WeCP is the best tech recruiting platform for the modern recruiter.

In the modern world, where resumes aren’t sufficient to assess a candidate’s technical skills and the job fit, a tech hiring platform allows recruiters and hiring managers to find the right talent for the right job with a set of professional pre-defined assessments.

Tech recruiters and hiring managers use a technical skills assessment platform to gain extensive insights into candidates’ skills and abilities. Evaluating the right skills allows them to improve process efficiency, make data-driven decisions, and reduces any bias in recruiting. 

A great technical skills assessment software should be able to:

✓ Measure A-Z developer skills

✓ Provide out-of-the-box candidate experience and branding opportunities for the companies

✓ Have pre-determined tests based on skills & job roles

✓ Have state-of-the-art compilers and auto-evaluators to minimize manual grading

✓ Analyze qualitative score based on a variety of parameters

WeCP does all of the above plus a lot more including:

  • Detailed analytics & reporting
  • Video interviews
  • Custom branding
  • High level of data security
  • Easy integrations


A technical screening tool allows you to eliminate any chances of bias or negligence encouraging a fair and efficient hiring process based on data-driven decisions, measured on the qualitative abilities of candidates.

Online technical assessment platforms are useful for startups where every hire is crucial and needs accurate job-fit evaluation as well as for enterprise scales where multiple candidates are evaluated at a large volume and where time and efficiency are at stake. Technical screening platforms are equipped to perform any number of tests at a time without fail and with high accuracy ensuring high interview-to-hire ratios.


Absolutely Yes!

WeCP not only has an extensive library of pre-employment assessment test questions and answers, but our expert team also works directly with our customers to consult on the overall test designs.

WeCP supports more than 2000 technical skills from legacy to the most-in-demand and our easy-to-use interface makes it even easier for you to create your own tests. WeCP advanced test compilers take care of creating automated test creation as fast and as accurately as you need. Our evaluation techniques are based on scientific SkillMaps, which accurately evaluate the candidates required for a job. All our tests are based on the WeCP research team’s testing frameworks and calibrated based on the robust sample data. Additionally, all of our tests go through rigorous validation.

One of the biggest advantages you get with WeCP assessments is they are completely cheat-proof. Constant adding fresh tests, dynamic rotation, internet patrol, advanced plagiarism checker, and rigorous scrutiny for difficulty makes studying our questions ahead of time practically impossible. Whether you create your own assessments or choose from a large pre-built library of tests, you get skill-mapped, unique, challenging, and cheat-proof tests.

However, if you are hiring for a specialized tech role and would like to create custom assessments, our experts are here for you. Get in touch to learn more.


WeCP has not just one but many differentiators which our customers clearly validate:

✓ Largest library of unique and challenging questions.
✓ A-Z developer skills to evaluate. You name it, we have it.
✓ Custom test creation tool. Upload your own, choose from the library or consult.
✓ World-class proctoring and plagiarism cheating prevention.
✓ Custom branding, pre-built integrations, security, extensive reporting features.

We invest heavily in crafting the most unique and challenging assessments and evaluating using scientific SkillMaps to produce consistent and the most accurate results. WeCP uses advanced IDEs with IntelliSense to provide a real work-like environment to the candidates, coupled with a technical interview platform to complete your hiring process effortlessly.

WeCP not only provides automated grading for the assessments but elaborates on all the essential qualitative parameters based on the candidate’s performance during the assessment. The simple yet elaborate reports help even the non-technical recruiters to make data-driven decisions and understand a candidate’s proficiency levels transparently.


WeCP’s advanced technical assessment mechanism supports more than 2000+ developer skills and A-Z frameworks and libraries from legacy to in-demand technologies. You can assess developers for a variety of roles from frontend, backend, full-stack to DevOps, mobile, Data science, and many more.

Whether you want to hire for the most popular technologies from JavaScript, Python, React, Ruby, PHP, Swift or you want to hire for C#, .Net, Microsoft, Salesforce, or java coding challenges, WeCP has the most advanced technology to help you assess any technical skill you can think of to build your engineering team.


We understand that technical skill assessment is a unique process for each company. WeCP has plans and packages to suit all the needs of every type of recruiter or hiring manager out there. Whether you’re a startup and looking for an affordable yet robust platform to help you build your first rockstar team or you’re an enterprise looking to hire at scale without any hassle with utmost efficiency, WeCP fits the bill.

Check out WeCP’s pricing and choose the plan that best suits your needs. For any further assistance, schedule a call with us.

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