Assess technical + verbal skills with whiteboard coding interviews

Allow candidates to show off their skills and get them to explain their choices in detail. Record feedback, interview session and take data-driven decisions.

Bring Humanity Back into Hiring

By using WeCP’s icebreaker, you will be able to establish a better connection with the candidate before you begin your interview.

Never Lose a Candidate Because of Scheduling

Interview Scheduling allows you to schedule or reschedule interviews faster without losing any candidates.

Pair-programming with White-boarding Fun

By allowing your candidates to solve a problem together with the interviewer, you can better evaluate them in a sample of the environment they will face in their day-to-day work.

Keep Interviewers on Point

Keep Interviewers
on Point

Review candidates’ efforts after the interview.

Remove Interview Stress for all

Remove Interview
Stress for all

Review candidates’ efforts after the interview.

Promote Brand and
Personalise Interview

A broad applicant pool to identify the best job-fit candidates for hire.

Get full transparency

Get everything to make a final decision.

Features to Power Every Talent Acquisition Team