Accurately Challenge a Candidate's Knowledge With Live Coding Tasks

Automatically evaluate candidates on programming, live-projects, data-science, devops, enterprise tools and a lot more

Evaluate candidates without any bias

WeCP’s unbiased approach evaluates each candidate’s skills based on their real skill set and provides you with confidence in your hiring decisions by providing you with accurate information about their qualifications.

Identify candidates with great technical adaptability

Get to know the top 1% of candidates and how efficient they are with our detailed report. 


Use diverse library of unique questions for any tech role, any level

With over 2 million questions in the library, WeCP helps recruiters gain insight into a candidate’s capabilities. 

Easy customisation

Easy Customisation

Easily customize the technical assessment platform to suit your needs.

Hands-on tasks

Hands-on tasks

Know your candidate’s skills by actually doing the tasks.

AI Proctoring

WeCP’s advanced proctoring effectively prevents cheating during assessment tests.

Get Code Quality

Get Code Quality

Get a deeper understanding of a candidate’s coding skills.

Features to Power Every Talent Acquisition Team

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