WeCP Code Judge API

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WeCP Online Code Judge API

WeCP Online Judge is a API based solution for evaluating coding assessments in a highly scalable and secure environment.

Our Online Code Judge API could be useful if you:

  • are corporate and conduct online coding tests for your candidates

  • organize coding contests/hackathons for a community

  • are an assessment company who offers coding tests

  • are an educational institution who evaluates source code of students


Scoring by Test Cases

Returns the paased and failed test cases along with the score.


Scoring by Code Quality

Filters better submissions in case of tie or 0 score.


Generate Code Stub

Can generate code stub automatically given the question specification


Customize Evaluation rules

Evaluate the code based on any specific rule that you want candidate's code to adhere.


Custom Input & Output

Evaluate the code based on user-defined input for testing before final submission.


Time & Memory Evaluation

Returns time and memory that program took to run to define the efficiency of code.

Supported Programming Languages

Our currently support over 40 coding languages along with most popular ones, and we are constantly adding more to the list.

API Documentation

We have not made our API documentation public yet. Kindly feel free to contact us to get the same.

Our Pricing Plans

Our pricing plans are highly cost-effective. Besides fixed-price plans, we also have a customizable plan where you can create your own plan. Please contact us to receive the pricing details.