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Domains we focus

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  • Artificial Intelligence

    Example Topics: Statistics, Computer Vision, Machine learning, NLP, Deep learning, Probability, Distributions etc.

  • Data Science

    Example Topics: Data mining & preparation, Python, Pandas, Numpy, Data visualization tools etc

  • Software Development

    Example Topics: Linux, Cloud computing, AWS, Network security etc.

  • Banking & Financial Services

    Example Topics: Banking concepts, Trading tools, Behavioral financing, Hedge funding etc

  • Blockchain Technologies

    Example Topics: Fundamentals of Blockchain, Hyperledger fabric, Etherium, Contracts, Concensus algorithms

  • IT - Web Development

    Example Topics: Nodejs, Angularjs, Reactjs, MySQL, Mongodb etc.

  • IT - Programming Languages/Frameworks

    Example Topics: Javascript, Python, C/C++, Ruby, Go lang etc.

  • IT - Testing & QA

    Example Topics: Selenium, Neoload, Testcomplete, TDM etc

  • IT - Enterprise Tools

    Example Topics: SAP tools, Microsoft tools, Oracle tools, AWS tools etc.

  • IT - Mobile App Development

    Example Topics: Android development, iOS, Swift, PhoneGap, Appium etc.

  • IT - Advanced Technologies

    Example Topics: IoT, Autonomus vehicles, Crypto currency, Big data etc

  • IT - Computer Sciences

    Example Topics: Algorithms & Data structure, Operating systems, Fundamental concepts of computer science

  • Puzzles & Cognitive Abilities

    Example Topics: Business puzzles, Critical, Abstract, Design thinking etc

  • Business Development

    Example Topics: Business story-telling, Management fundamentals, PMP etc.

  • Engineering

    Example Topics: Mechnical, Electrical, Chemical, Electronics etc.