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Contests, Hackathons and Competitive examinations are a specialized type of assessments designed to be taken by a very large number of candidates, and as such can serve as selection criterion for a diverse set of areas, which can range from seats at educational institutions to shortlists for government job roles.

  • Due to the nature of competitiveness, the requirements for problems for the same are rather special as well. These can include some or all of the following
  • Problems should ideally not repeat from the same assessments held in previous time slots
  • The problems should be of a very precise difficulty level that are designed to be solved in a certain amount of time by the right candidates
  • The problems should focus on approach rather than the ability of the candidate to remember facts or perform calculations.
  • Each overall set of competitive problems should test ALL the essential skills and concepts that the competitive exam stipulates to test
  • Each overall set must have a perfect mix of difficulties to ensure that the better candidates have a higher chance of scoring a better score, and to remove any effect of randomness in the scores.

Our problems for competitive examinations ensure that all the discussed criteria and more are met, and the problem sets fair and optimally distributed in terms of difficulty levels and overall time required to solve the problems.

Our problems are thoroughly tested on real sample test takers in order to ensure that every key parameter set by the competitive exam authority is met in real-world scenarios.

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