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Intra-corporate assessments are on the rise as corporates realize that not only do they need to ensure that they hire the best available outside talent, but they would also need to ensure that the talent that is currently in the organization do not stagnate or decline in quality, but grow along with the organization in terms of skill level and versatility.

One of the best ways to measure and track the progress of your employees would be to use customized assessments to do this for you.

  • There are two common ways in which the assessments can be administered to the employees
    • Regular periodic assessments that are designed to test the following aspects of the employee
    • The progress in skill level that the employee has made
    • The effort that the employee has made in terms of being up to date with current technologies/trends/methodologies that are relevant to his current job role and organizational position
    • The effort that the employee has made to develop other skills, that are not relevant to his current role and/position, but may prove to be a valuable asset to the organization in the future
    • The motivation of the candidate to stay at the peak of his ability when it comes to working for the firm
    • Comparison of the candidate to his competitors in similar job roles at the same firm, or to candidates in the outside world who may be vying to take up this position in the future
    • Assessments that are administered as part of skill development programs within the organization. These programs may refer to mandatory or optional courses that may be offered to the employees (the program offerings themselves may differ depending on the job role of the candidate). These courses may be further split into roughly three different types depending on their objective with respect to the skillset of the candidate:
    • Courses that enhance the current skillset
    • Courses that refresh the current skillset
    • Courses that introduce new skills into the existing skillset
WeCPs offers high quality problems for all of the above use cases, and differ from the other offerings in the industry owing to the fact that our assessments are highly business focussed.

Our problems ensure that we not only effectively test the candidate in all aspects with respect to their core skills, but also ensure that the candidates remain the best fit for their current organization keeping in mind all the intricacies and key values of the organizations themselves.

The problems also come with key indicators that ensure that the employer can track the strengths and weaknesses of their talent, and help them develop better progression maps and training modules.

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