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Skill-based training, referring to job-specific training for work in trades is a field that has a dearth of quality assessments other than the certification tests themselves. The term skill-based training itself may refer to either Skill Education and Training (SET) or Career and Technical Education (CTE). A person completing such a training usually receives a certification or a diploma which validates that they have indeed received such a training and have a hands-on experience in the craft or trade in which they received this training.

We at WeCP recognize the need for quality assessments in these very diverse trade oriented fields that optimally assess skills that are not only tough to assess, but also are rather niche and hence new content in terms of assessments in these fields are hard to come by often.

We realise that the candidates who have completed these training modules see themselves as professionals in their respective fields, and as such our problems are not only highly specialized in terms of the skills that they test, but are also highly comprehensive, and test the overall professional proficiency and field-level hands-on skill of the candidates.

Our tests respect the candidates and do not make any compromises in terms of quality or job-specific technicalities.

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