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Recruitment is a tough and strenuous process that places pressure on both the interviewer and interviewee, and the process itself has expectations from both the parties involved.
The absolute most important factor that almost singlehandedly makes or breaks the recruitment process is the problems that are used in the assessment of the candidate.

  • The problems are the vanguard of a two pronged strategy that can be described as below:
  • The problems communicate the intensity of the role and the key values of the company, be it coming across as a company that is driven by challenges, or solving problems in innovative ways, or any number of other characteristics that can be put across succinctly to the candidate just by the way the problems are created.
  • The problems will of course serve as a benchmark to test the candidate and serve as an effective filtering mechanism to select the best candidates for the role at hand.

The problems here at WeCP are highly business oriented and tailor made for our clients to be able to test and recruit the best possible talent who fit perfectly into the opening at their organization.

  • We, at WeCP offer problems categorized by job roles, and type of recruitment - campus recruitment, lateral hiring and internal recruitment.
  • Campus recruitment, as the name states, refers to hiring of fresh graduates directly from universities. These candidates may or may not have previous work experience.
  • Internal recruitment can include Internal job postings (only open to current employees), Promotions, Internal employee referrals etc
  • Lateral hiring includes hiring of experienced candidates of the expected skill level for the job role through job postings, referrals, job portals.It also includes ‘off-campus’ hiring of fresh graduates

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