People Grow Smarter, So Should Platforms

People Grow Smarter, So Should Platforms

Client Profile

About EdgeVerve:

EdgeVerve, an Infosys company with a global footprint & over 400+ customers across the poles, faced one interesting dilemma- that is, keep going with the flow or change the direction of the wind. Needless to say, they chose the latter. 

The challenge:

EdgeVerve’s conventional hiring capabilities needed a degree of competence checks, a marriage between the recruiting & assessment functions & a seamless infusion of candidatures, all of which enjoyed independent entropies but now had to be streamlined. 

The Solution:

Knock, Knock! Who’s that? 

Well, WeCP.

For this global giant, it was important to build, nurture & retain a pool of talent that is very engineering & product management-specific with an undiluted agenda of hiring the best. Since the recruiting team previously had no access to the assessment process, scores or status of a candidate- the best they could do was spray & pray.

WeCP streamlined the entire process while maintaining the integrity & nature of their assessments thereby giving the decision makers at EdgeVerve the much-needed ‘edge’! 

One of the other crucial problems that WeCP helped them solve was the growing pain of eliminating malpractice. WeCP’s AI Protorcing feature now sits smoothly at the center of every assessment, gatekeeping & avoiding any & every chance of cheating. 

And as far as the recruiting process goes, EdgeVerve’s internal recruiting teams have gracefully adapted the WeCP platform and are enjoying the ease of access, assessment metrics, status of candidates- all in real-time.     

Even from a security perspective, EdgeVerve says- ‘we’re covered!’

Last year alone, WeCP helped hire more than 100,000 engineers for small and large companies.

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