How WeCP helped Infosys evaluate 100k+ super coders

How WeCP helped Infosys evaluate 100k+ super coders

Results at a glance

Attract problem solvers

A higher number of applications were received from competitive coders.

Assessing at scale

Ensured smooth candidate experience even when 90,000+ coders clicked the compile button simultaneously.

Client Profile

About Infosys:

Established in 1981, Infosys is an NYSE listed global consulting and IT services company with more than 3,35,186 employees. It is the second largest in the list of top 10 IT companies in India 2022.

From a capital of US$ 250 to become a US$ 17.530 billion (FY22 revenues) company with a market capitalization of approximately US$ $77.51 billion. It is one of the best IT company in India. 

It’s recognized as the fastest-growing IT services brand by Brand Finance, the world’s leading brand valuation firm, in its Global 500, 2022 report.

The Challenge:

1. A struggle to attract competent coders and problem solvers

Despite being among the world’s largest IT services companies, Infosys had difficulty finding highly competent programmers and problem solvers within their budget. They were seeking Talent similar to that found in product companies.

2. “Infosys assessments are boring, crashes, problems are getting copied.”
– Candidate feedback

As Infosys sought to hire quality programmers from top-tier colleges, it failed to provide candidate-friendly assessments. Top-tier college students are generally interested in coding in a competitive environment. However, Infosys assessments were extremely boring to them; few problems were copied, and sometimes it crashed, so Infosys ended up providing poor candidate experience.

3. Over 5000 employees underwent manual internal assessments.

There were 5000+ employees at Infosys, but every internal promotion assessment was manually conducted. Imagine how many productive hours are lost.

The Solution:

1. #HackWithInfy, the global award-winning program

In collaboration with WeCP, Infosys created this coding competition to foster a culture of problem-solving and innovation early in students’ academic careers.

2.7 lakh+ students registered from all over India in this global award-winning program in 2022. Top coders from across the country participated in the grand finale.

The name ‘Hack’ and the Problem statements and Coding Questions used in the program led fresh talents to believe Infosys have a great hacking/competitive culture, just like top product companies, and they viewed it as a good working environment for them. As a result, Infosys has experienced an increase in highly skilled coders applying for openings.

2. Better candidate experience to tier-1 talents

Candidate from top-tier colleges likes to code in a challenging environment. So after introducing WeCP into its assessment process, Infosys has observed a significant improvement in candidate experience. Candidates now find assessments more challenging, unique, and reliable.

3. Cuts 90% of Manual Internal Assessment Time

In addition to saving hours of manual work, WeCP helped Infosys remove bias and manual intervention in hiring by automating end-to-end internal assessments.

Results achieved:

Though other alternatives were available such as HackerRankCodility, etc., Infosys found WeCP to be a better and comprehensive solution. Until Q1 FY2022-23, our team has assessed more than 100,000 candidates using WeCP and has hired engineers in tens of thousands.

WeCP tool has helped Infosys transform its technical recruiting significantly. Previously, the entire recruiting team wasted countless hours finding ways to attract problem solvers, and manually assessing candidates internally, with the WeCP tool, we fixed those bottlenecks and happily scaled our recruiting.

Last year alone, WeCP helped hire more than 100,000 engineers for small and large companies.

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