How UST Global Uses WeCP to Transform Candidates into Skill-Mapped, Project-Ready Talent

How UST Global Uses WeCP to Transform Candidates into Skill-Mapped, Project-Ready Talent

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Client Profile

About UST:

Founded in 1981,UST, is a provider of digital technology and transformation, information technology and services. The company has offices in the Americas, EMEA, APAC, and India. Headquartered in Orange County, California, United States and with a global presence in 30+ countries, UST hosts 30,000+ employees. It was ranked among the Top 12 Best IT/ITES Companies and Top 3 in the large IT/ITES companies in India. Having raised a total funding of $250M over 2 rounds, UST has a global revenue of $4.3 Billion.

UST offers services in areas like digital transformation, cybersecurity, data analytics, data engineering, technology and digital consulting, supply chain management, cloud infrastructure, developer productivity, quality engineering, IT talent sourcing, innovation as a service, legacy modernization, human-centered design, AMS, semiconductor engineering, IOT engineering, intelligent process automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and technology strategy, intelligent automation and BPaaS. 

The Challenge:

1. Talent Pool Deployment

  • Clients reported dissatisfaction with the skill level of deployed talent.
  • Lateral hires not being mapped to the right projects.

2. Campus Training

  • Competency level of new hires below deployment benchmarks.
  • Virtual training yielding poor results.

3. Campus Hiring

  • Challenges in mass recruiting across colleges.

The Solution:

1. Talent Pool Release Assessment

  •  In collaboration with WeCP, UST launched a targeted assessment system. This approach helps place candidates where their skills are most needed.

2. Campus Training Upgrade

  • A 16-week bootcamp was launched, focusing on foundational programming and advanced project-based learning.

3. Streamlined Campus Hiring

  • WeCP introduced a comprehensive assessment, blending programming and problem-solving tasks, to identify candidates with the most potential.

Results achieved:

1. Talent Pool Deployment

  • A 60% reduction in talent bench time, positively impacting revenue.

2. Campus Training

  • 80% of program graduates transitioned into project-ready assets.
  • Cost to Company decreased by 20% 
  • A remarkable 75% increase in candidate competency levels was achieved.

3. Campus Hiring

  • The quality of recruits rose by 30%.
  • WeCP’s model outperformed competitors, including HackerRank and Cocubes.
  • Successful screening of 25,000 candidates in the first round alone.

Last year alone, WeCP helped hire more than 100,000 engineers for small and large companies.

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