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  • Software Development

    In the world of web applications, remote teams, and SaaS trending, software product engineering is a high in-demand skill. Product engineering teams are responsible for the complete product development lifecycle from designing to developing to testing and finally deploying a software product.

Key skills for software development:
Software Development
  • AI/ML & Data Science

    AI/ML and data science are set to transform the digital landscape of today and tomorrow. Artificial Intelligence certainly brings a promise of exponential growth for any business. Undoubtedly, a myriad set of skills comprise a data scientist or a machine learning specialist.

Key skills for AI/ML & Data science:
  • DevOps & Cloud Skills

    DevOps is the hottest skill in demand today. A DevOps engineer efficiently automates the software delivery and infrastructure change processes within an organization.

Key skills for DevOps & Cloud Skills:
  • Backend Development

    Backend is the behind-the-scenes development of any web or software application. Backend developers have to be proficient with databases, scripting, and the architecture of the applications.

Key skills for backend development:
  • Fullstack Development

    The jack-of-all-trades is full-stack. A full-stack developer knows front & back end development for web, mobile, and desktop applications, have their way around databases, servers, APIs, MVCs, and various hosting environments.

Key skills for full-stack development:
  • UI/UX Development

    The user interface (UI) is a succession of screens, pages, and visual elements on any front-end. User experience (UX) is the experience of the interaction between humans and the application.

Key skills for UI/UX development:
  • Software Testing & QA

    QA testers are partially investigative reporters, partially janitors, and are all important to the user experience. Testing hunts down the untidy coding and ensures that your user interactions are error-free.

Key skills for software testing & QA:
  • IT Security

    IT security is a highly specialized field of computer science. With increasing risks and scales of businesses, IT security specialists play a major role in securing and maintaining the safety of software applications.

Key skills for IT security:
  • Enterprise Tools

    Enterprise application software is large scale software that supports or solves the problem of an entire organization. This large scale software allows different user roles, and the roles define a set of actions a specific user can perform.

Key skills for enterprise software development:

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