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About Python Developer Test

Sample Questions

  • TYPE
Sets in Python 3 – The Python 3 set definition given alongside throws an error…
Python 3 Sets
  • Medium
  • MCQ
  • 1min

The Python 3 set definition given alongside throws an error. Which of the following is the reason for the error?

s = {1, ‘a’, [3, ‘d’], (4, ‘c’)}.

Tuple – You have to implement the concept of Tuple in Python3…
Application Coding Conversion Tuple Tuple Operations
  • Medium
  • Code
  • 30mins

You have to implement the concept of Tuple in Python3. The final task is to display the result of the tuple operations.

You’ve been provided with a starter code which contains sub-tasks as defined below:

Sub task 1: Convert the list list1 and list2 into tuples tup and tup1, respectively.

Sub task 2: Display the tuple generated after multiplying the adjacent elements of the tuple tup.

Sub task 3: Create a tuple res storing the element-wise AND of tup and tup1.

Sub task 4: Display the list generated after chunking tuple res into z size.


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