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Test Details

Test Duration

30 mins, 45 mins, 60 mins, 90 mins, 120 mins

Question Types

Knowledge, Thinking, Work Sample



Skills Covered

Design SkillsJavascriptVCSMEANNodejsAngularOptimisationWeb ArchitectureHTML/CSS

About Fullstack Developer (MEAN) Test

The goal of this test is to help you find a best-fit for Fullstack Developer position. This test measures the most fundamental qualities that a skilled and productive candidate at Fullstack Developer position possesses.

The test gets into specifics of assessing if the candidate

1. Has strong grasp on design, development and deployment skills
2. Is well versed with integration of frontend technologies with their backend counterparts
3. Is good at researching and has the knowledge of popular fullstack development tools and techniques

In this test, we measure the candidate’s knowledge, thinking ability and hands-on proficiency on fullstack development skills and report to you their performance.

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