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Xoxoday’s Ex Global Head of Growth & Expansion Neeraj Sohni joins WeCP

Xoxo head of growth and expansion joins WeCP

The former global head of growth and expansion of Xoxoday – Neeraj Sohni, has joined WeCP as Director of Sales (Americas)

Given his (Neeraj’s) phenomenal track record and experience working with some of the largest information technology (IT) services firms, he will play an instrumental role in accelerating growth for WeCP,” said Abhishek Kaushik, CEO & Co-founder – WeCP. “WeCP aims to create a bigger impact in the global IT space and having Neeraj onboard is a crucial step in that journey.” 

Neeraj stepped down from Xoxoday early this year and went on a break for sometime before joining WeCP. He has fifteen years of experience in sales, growth, and expansion. He is meticulous with a specific interest in SaaS product Sales and strategies. Neeraj’s objective is to create the best Sales strategies and achieve higher revenue targets for the organization to become a strong Brand. His expertise spans Breakthrough Marketing, Branding models for budding Startups to International Sales. He ultimately aims to utilize his knowledge and experience to become a valuable asset to the organization. 


Here is the list of companies he was associated with:

  • Global Head – Growth & Expansion at Xoxoday
  • Sales & Growth – Europe and US at Yellow Messanger
  • Head of Global Sales – Airim (acquired by Whatfix)
  • Startup founder, now sold for over double-digit million dollars

Below is an interview bit with Neeraj Sohni, Director of Sales, later today:

Twisa: How have sales, in general, transformed over the years in SaaS?

Neeraj: SaaS as an industry has been growing very rapidly in recent years, and every product has many competitors in the market. This expansion has given a new dimension to sales. Saas sales in recent times have become more scientific, precise, and personalized. We are in the data-driven era, and new sales tools are the backbone of businesses.

Twisa: How do you look at the talent industry and WeCP’s role in it?

Neeraj: Talent industry is going through a paradigm shift. It has become an employee-driven market rather than that of employers. With an abundance of resources in the market, companies are struggling to identify the right talent for their requirements. WeCP is helping companies to be future-ready by identifying the right talent pool based on their problem-solving abilities not only outside the organization but within as well and thereby creating a pipeline for the future.

Twisa: You’ll be our director of sales (United States). Given the recession, what will be your sales strategy for the American market?

Neeraj: Recession is just another cycle of economic growth. It provides the right arsenal and momentum for the next boom. During this time, it is important to create more champions in new accounts, consolidate your current relationships and serve your long-time customers to the best of your abilities.

Twisa: You have built your own startup, yet you are again back to a growth stage startup. How do you feel about that?

Neeraj: Every growth start-up has similar challenges but not the same as a new industry requires a new game plan. I am feeling very excited to solve a bigger problem for the companies as the talent industry has a direct impact on the fate of any organization.

Twisa: How was the fun with the team in Goa last week? 

Neeraj: It was a fun-filled workation for us. We enjoyed going to the beaches, cafes, and many other places, and at the same time, we had many rounds of business-related discussions. This was truly an ice-breaking session for me. I couldn’t have asked for more.

WeCP is super excited to grow and achieve new heights of success under his leadership.

A hearty welcome once again to our new Director of Sales, Neeraj Sohni.

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WeCP: What is it?

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