Heroku Assessment Test

Heroku Assessment Test

Our Heroku assessment test examines candidates’ knowledge of the Heroku platform and capabilities, including the ability to design, deploy, and scale Heroku apps, manage and operate these apps, and integrate them with the Salesforce database. 

Over 1000 global tech brands trust our Heroku assessment tests and have evaluated

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Adjust skill distribution as per your need
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Customize skills according to your needs. Adjust the distribution of skills and the questions.

Customise test with your own questions
Add Your Own Custom Questions

Bring custom questions that you’ve already framed. Plus, validate them in 1 click.

Set passing criteria to filter out unqualified candidates
Set Custom Passing Criteria

Set passing criteria such as Select, Potential, and Reject to filter out unqualified candidates.

Improve candidate participation, and experience
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Increase the completion rate of your Heroku assessment test with automated boosting + candidate engagement.

Test Details

Time bound skill testing
Test Duration

30 Mins, 45 Mins, 60 Mins, 90 Mins, 120 Mins

WeCP - Question types for skill testing
Question Types

Programming, Projects, MCQs, Data Science, and 8 others

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AI-based: Video, Web, Audio (Optional)

How it works?


Add your candidates or source from WeCP
Talent Pool​


Screen candidates using this online Heroku assessment test & invite the shortlists for a live interview.


Conduct live interviews using coding IDE, questions, and whiteboard


Proceed with onboarding the final hires to your team. This step can be completed in 1 click

About The Heroku Assessment Test

The WeCP online Heroku architect assessment test for hiring was designed to help you find the right candidate for the Heroku architect position at your company. This test measures the most fundamental qualities a skilled and high-performing candidate for a Heroku architect position must possess.

The criteria prioritized by our Heroku assessment test include the following:

  1. Ability to design, deploy, and scale Heroku apps.
  2. Ability to manage and operate Heroku apps and integrate them with the Salesforce database. 
  3. Ability to use add-ons to extend Heroku applications.
  4. Knowledge of the trust and security options in Heroku and Heroku Enterprise.

Overall, our online Heroku architect assessment test for hiring measures candidates’ knowledge, thinking ability, hands-on proficiency in Heroku architecture, and ability to create and deliver timely performance reports.

Steps To Hiring a Heroku Developer



Clearly describing your hiring needs will help candidates identify whether they can fulfill the role or otherwise. Criteria you’ll need to address include skills requirements, on-site or remote working, and full-time or part-time hiring.


Source candidates

To be successful in sourcing talent, you must utilize the right channels to find the best candidates. Building a talent pool will save an amazing amount of time when finding suitable candidates.


Keep your sourced candidates engaged

The next step is to keep your candidate engaged, as your competitor is also seeking the best talent for their organization. By maintaining consistent communication with your candidate during the hiring process, you will be able to retain their attention.


Screen candidates

The importance of screening can never be overemphasized. This process allows you to determine who is best for the position based on their skills without bias. Therefore, you need to find a tool that helps you assess not only the best and least but also candidates with high potential.


Offer a great interview experience

A positive interview experience is crucial in achieving the highest offer conversion rate. You must ensure that both the hiring process and the platform assist you in achieving this goal.



Once you have concluded and decided to hire a candidate, ensure that the onboarding process is smooth and that the candidate does not have any difficulties during the process.

Best Practices While Hiring an Heroku Developer



Evaluation Parameters to Judge Heroku Developer



In fact, this could also be applied in most of the other roles out there. To perform better, candidates need to have a firm grasp of Heroku architecture fundamentals to do their best.



An individual’s skill level when performing a task in the real world is determined by how good they perform hands-on assignments within a given field. 


Technical Communication

Technical communication is vital in terms of individual work as well as collaborative work between members of a team. Thus, it is one of the most essential evaluative criteria in our Heroku assessment test.


Code Quality

High-quality code makes it easier for teams to collaborate on comments, proper indentation, clear notation, and simplicity of flow. This way, high-quality code becomes easier to read, modify, and edit. Therefore, it plays an important role in every candidate’s evaluation.


Code Plagiarism

When hiring Heroku architects, plagiarism is one of the strict no-nos. If a supposed Heroku architect cannot design, deploy, and scale Heroku apps independently, then there is no point in putting them on large-scale projects.


Problem Solving Aptitude

Undoubtedly, Heroku architects are problem solvers at their core. Therefore, when a problem arises, they must be able to solve it naturally. 


Productivity in each Skills

Hiring a candidate with good Heroku architectural skills but poor productivity is not beneficial. Regardless of their skill level, such a person will negatively impact the project’s completion rate.


Rank / Precentile Among Others

Ranking or percentile helps you to identify the best candidates and guides you in selecting them accordingly. It enables you to locate the best candidates to engage in specific projects and achieve results.


Attitude / Team Work

Ultimately, it is not only about a candidate’s skills but also their attitude to work with the team leader to achieve better results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Besides, 4-click technical hiring (Source > Screen > Interview > Onboard) is the most
significant differentiator of WeCP. For easier distinction, we’ve prepared a detailed competitive analysis of WeCP Vs. HackerRank,  WeCP Vs. Codility, WeCP Vs. HackerEarth, and WeCP Vs. CodeSignal. Also, check out this google search about the best
technical screening tools

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