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Intern in Spotlight - Riya - WeCP (We Create Problems) Blog

Intern in Spotlight – Riya

Meet the voice behind our social media pages. Let the spotlight shine on Riya, our very own wordsmith and social media marketing intern.
interview to offer conversion - WeCP Blog

A tech recruiter’s guide to 100% interview to offer conversion

If every candidate you interview is offered a job, then your interview to offer conversion is 100% and the interview to offer ratio is 1:1.
Tech Interviews – 5 ways to find a cultural fit in your candidates - WeCP Blog

Tech Interviews – 5 ways to assess a candidate’s cultural fit

In a professional setup, it's easier to train employees on the skills they lack, but the same training for cultural fit rarely exists.
5 best technical skill assessment platforms - WeCP Blog

5 Best Technical Skills Assessment Tools (2021)

Ineffective skill assessment designs are likely to fail. Evaluate the best technical skills assessment platform for your business.
online interview

Important Recruiting Metrics No One Talks About

Read this guide to learn about the important recruiting metrics that fuel your recruiting funnel as well as the bottom line.
WeCP (We Create Problems) Employee Spotlight

Intern in Spotlight – Neha NK

Meet Neha - the brains behind the look and feel of the WeCP platform. We chatted with Neha about her journey so far. Read it in her own words.
How to Become a Technical Recruiter - WeCP (We Create Problems) Blog

How to Become a Technical Recruiter: A Complete Guide

Tech recruitment, if done right, can earn you the best talents in the market. Become a good technical recruiter with the help of this guide.
Structured interview - WeCP (We Create Problems) Blog

Structured Interview – An Excellent Way To Find The Best Candidates

A structured interview gives a predefined template, clear direction and a framework to the hiring process for recruiters to not go in blind.
WeCP (We Create Problems) is named a “High Performer” in G2 summer 2021 reports

WeCP is named a “High Performer” 🥳 in G2 summer 2021 reports

Yay, The Oscars have arrived! Okay, not the Oscars, but the G2 awards are no less. 😍 And the best customer award goes to all our awesome customers who are...
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