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The Role of a Recruiter and Hiring Manager in Technical Recruiting

Table of Contents Hiring Manager and Recruiter: Who are They?Why is Hiring Engineers Challenging?It’s Difficult to Find the Right FitEvolving MarketTedious Technical InterviewsRole of a Recruiter in Technical HiringSearch for...

Ultimate Guide to Technical Screening of MEAN & MERN Full-Stack Developers

Table of Contents Who is a Full-Stack Developer?Roles & ResponsibilitiesHow to find a MEAN/MERN Full-Stack Developer?Qualities of a Full-Stack DeveloperRequired Technical Skills for a MEAN/MERN Full-Stack DeveloperFront-end LanguagesBackend LanguagesDatabase Management...
PySpark Developer

Step-by-Step Guide to Technical Hiring of PySpark Developer

Hiring the right PySpark developers has never been so easy. Select the right sourcing channels and the best screening methods to hire faster.

6 Best Technical Skills Screening Tools – 2022

Fasten your tech recruitment & hiring processes by 10x to build a high quality team using the easiest and best technical skills screening tools.

How To Conduct Hackathons For Software Engineers Technical Screening

Table of Contents Basics of HackathonsCoding Hackathons on HiringOverview of conducting hackathons 1. Organizing:2. Themes and Problem Statement:3. Target Audience4. Sponsors5. GiftsFactors responsible for conducting successful hackathonsHire a stellar Software Engineer...

Let’s Put the Talent Sourcing Problem to Bed

Table of Contents Why good talent is hard to sourceOvercoming the talent sourcing challengeWork on your employer brandingLeverage internship and mentorship programsEvents and job fairsEmbrace social media Employee referral programsFinal word...

​​How Startups Can Increase Their Candidate Offer Acceptance Rate

Table of Contents Why growing businesses struggle to secure offer acceptancesHow growing organizations can optimize their candidate offer acceptance rateUnderstand your strengths – and play to themWork on your employer...

How WeCP Uncomplicates Technical Hiring – A Closer Look at Customer Success Stories

Table of Contents Empowering tech recruitment with SaaSThe case for agile recruitmentEstablishing a remote testing ecosystemHiring at scaleUncomplicate your tech recruitment with WeCP 30% of the employee’s first-year salary. That’s...

Giving Credit Where it’s Due: Tech Recruiters as Champions of Innovation

Table of Contents Why is tech recruitment different?Bridging the gap – qualifying recruiters to tech recruiter statusHow WeCP bridges the gapWeCP simplifies test creationWeCP simulates an evaluation ecosystemWeCP fuels data-driven...
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