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Hosting thousands of candidates for an innovative hackathon need not have any hiccups. Our online hackathon platform can help you execute and engage with the best in the business from the get-go.
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With WeCP, you can engage with a huge community of innovators and use our extensive features to let your hackathon reach its maximum potential.

Built for a Virtual World

Our online Hackathon platform is built to connect people from all over the globe. Challenge anyone from anywhere and spot the very best talent.

Organic Event Promotion

Our favourite part is telling the world about you! Get creative support, reward and participation badges, event pages, social media promotions, email marketing and more.

Integrated Code Editor and Compiler

A built-in code editor and compiler environment that supports multiple programming languages, allowing participants to do everything in one place within the platform.

Streamline Processes from A to Z

Right from onboarding to rewarding winners at the end, WeCP is your go-to assistant for every step.

Scalable Infrastructure

A robust and scalable infrastructure capable of handling thousands of concurrent users, guaranteeing smooth performance.

Flexible Challenge Formats

WeCP provides the ability to support different challenge formats, such as time-based contests, hackathons with multiple rounds, or team-based challenges.

Detailed Participant Analytics and Reporting

Get comprehensive and detailed candidate reports to track performance, identify top performers, and gain holistic insights.

Strict Security and Privacy Measures

WeCP prioritizes security and data privacy with GDPR compliance, ISO certification and SOC 2 attestation

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Hackathon Platform?

Hackathon platform is a robust and comprehensive solution designed to facilitate the seamless organization and execution of online hackathons.

Whether your goal is to drive innovation, recruit top talent, or engage with a community, WeCP's Hackathon Platform provides all the necessary tools and features to ensure a successful event.

From registration and team formation to project submissions and judging, every aspect of the hackathon process is streamlined and user-friendly.

How can our company host a hackathon on your platform?

Hosting a hackathon on our platform is straightforward and efficient. Start by reaching out to our sales team or signing up on our website. We will assign a dedicated account manager to guide you through the entire process.

This includes initial consultation to understand your specific needs, setting up the event with customizable features, and providing training on how to use the platform effectively. We ensure that every aspect of the hackathon, from participant registration to project submission and judging, is handled smoothly.

Can we customize the hackathon platform to fit our brand?

Absolutely! We understand the importance of brand identity, which is why our platform is fully customizable. You can tailor the look and feel to match your company's branding seamlessly.

This includes adding your company’s logos, selecting color schemes that reflect your brand, and customizing the user interface to provide a consistent brand experience.

Additionally, you can customize the event’s landing page, email templates, and other communication materials to ensure they align with your company’s visual and messaging standards.

How do we manage participant registrations?

Managing participant registrations is simple with our platform’s user-friendly system.

Participants can easily sign up through a dedicated registration page, where they can provide necessary details such as name, email, skills, and team preferences.

Once registered, participants receive confirmation emails and further instructions. You can manage and export participant data through our admin dashboard, which provides a comprehensive overview of all registered participants, their profiles, and other relevant information.