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In the future, there will be no such thing as 'business as usual.' Companies will either innovate or become irrelevant. Businesses want to solve problems that matter the most, but most often they don't ask their potential hire to solve problems that matter the most. That’s the gap WeCP is trying to fix.

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The story behind how our company started

Abhishek and Mohit, programmer friends and college roommates, identified a major flaw in campus hiring: candidates were passing coding tests using widely available online problems, leading to ineffective hiring. Their findings showed that candidates often memorized answers, questions were too easy or too hard, and assessments couldn't differentiate between average coders and those solving real business problems.

To address this, they developed AI programs to create unique, targeted programming questions for each company, founding WeCP (We Create Problems). Their approach aligns with a 2022 McKinsey Survey, revealing that over 90% of companies struggle to design effective skill validation mechanisms and rely on generic third-party assessment platforms, often leading to suboptimal hiring outcomes.

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Meet the amazing team behind WeCP

Join our team

Abhishek Kaushik

Co-Founder and CEO

Mohit Goyal

Co-Founder and CTO

Harpreet Oberoi

Head of Sales
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The values that drive WeCP

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Being Unique

Do things that world has not seen before. Strive for the best.

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Creating Wealth

Strive to create wealth for customers, peers and stakeholders

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Being trustworthy, reliable, and accountable for our actions

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Make work Fun

Create a workplace where fun and productivity thrive together.

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