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Industries Are Moving To A Skills-First Approach

Attract Quality Programmers With Candidate-Friendly Assessments

Whether you’re looking internally or externally to form your ideal team, you need assessments that candidates find challenging, unique and reliable. WeCP helped Infosys create tests that candidates loved taking!

Infosys Case Study

Automate Hiring and Lower Costs

Modernise skill evaluation, minimise labour and significantly lower operation costs with AI-driven processes that hire and train your team. WeCP helped Adani build a high-performing and skilled workforce.

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Eliminate Fear of Exam Malpractice with Built-in Proctoring

Completely eliminate any chances of cheating/malpractice, leaked questions or other unethical methods during online tests with our robust platform. WeCP helped upGrad grow from 3-digit exams to 6-digit exams annually!

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No More Employee Burnout and Wasted Time on Unqualified Candidates

Engineering team leads are often required to evaluate and interview candidates who are a clear “wrong hire”. With automated coding aptitude screening and interview scheduling, WeCP helped Mindtree cut manual interviewing time by 90%

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Uphold the Highest Standard of Your Teams’ Quality

Prioritise quality over quantity by aligning your recruitment strategy with your goal of building a skilled and cohesive team. Analyse candidates for the skills you are looking for. WeCP helped The Links Guy achieve their goals.

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Features & Outcomes

One Platform to Hire and Upskill

WeCp AI Test Generator

Create Role-Specific Assessments

WeCP AI helps you curate business-oriented and expert-vetted tests with a single prompt, so your candidates are ready to take on real challenges. Our AI model can create any skill assessment for any team, at any level in just 3 minutes!


A Skills-First Approach to Screening Applications

Eliminate the frustration of sorting through pools of candidates and find the right talent for every role with AI-enhanced screening and context-driven questions in formats like hands-on, programming, project-based, multiple choice, subjective, work and video samples, etc.


Ensure Fair Tests with Advanced Proctoring

Automatically detect suspicious activities with WeCP’s industry-leading proctoring and analyse honest skills. Our features include whole screen recording, AI video and audio proctoring, red flag identification for tab and window violations and more!


Schedule Interviews with Ease

Standardise your interview processes and engage with candidates with collaborative coding and problem-solving exercises. Get a realistic, on-the-job performance preview with scorecards and recordings, to make smarter decisions.

Analyse skills

Identify Strengths and Skills For Improvement

WeCP’s skill gap analysis gives you a comprehensive performance insight into different skill levels with detailed candidate reports. With our skills and productivity graphs, you can identify top and lagging skills of every candidate to help align the right people for the right role.

Benefits For Your Business

With WeCP, you can achieve


Reduction in Hiring Costs

Automating and implementing AI in your recruitment process will simplify and save valuable resources, enhance the quality of hires and allow you to focus on other important objectives. Here’s how WeCP impacted The Links Guy.


Faster Hiring

Scale campus hiring strategies to assess hundreds of applicants in a short period of time by relying on AI-led solutions. WeCP helped toppr’s recruitment process become more scalable and reliable, enabling a wider reach.


Increase in Productivity

Skill mapping employees to align with your organisational needs decreases the cost to company by 20%. UST with WeCP launched a targeted assessment system which helped place candidates where their skills are most needed.

WeCP could solve things that were not solved before

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honestly there’s nothing like it

We have evaluated more than hundreds of thousands of techies using WeCP until now. The tool has been very effective in assessing strengths and weaknesses of candidates.

Allahbaksh Asadullah
Principal Product Architect
what an experience!

With WeCP's automation capabilities, we've not only streamlined the process but also enhanced the candidate experience. You can check our website.

Paula Macnab
Hiring Manager
super efficient

After WeCP, our technical recruitment has become super efficient. We cut down the god damn time that our hiring managers used to spend talking to unqualified candidates.

Erich Raldmann
Managing Partner
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Our commitment to data privacy includes GDPR compliance, safeguarding data rights, and managing retention and pseudonymization.


Your security and trust are paramount. We're pleased to hold ISO certification, a testament to our stringent standards and commitment to excellence.


We prioritize your security and trust. Our pride stems from achieving SOC 2 attestation—an independent annual audit that validates our robust organizational and technical controls.

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WeCP collaborates seamlessly with more than 50+ ATS, LMS, HR and Productivity tools to eliminate going back and forth between different tools to exchange data.

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