How The Links Guy Increased The Quality Of Hires with WeCP?


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WeCP allowed us to skill test the candidates and be really confident that the candidates we were interviewing were actually taking the test themselves. We could time them, which is an indication of their ability to perform under pressure. It was a great experience using WeCP for our recruitment process.

Amit Raj
Director, The Links Guy

The Links Guy, stands out in the digital marketing landscape as a premier link building company focused on helping well-established brands and growing businesses to be more visible online.

Since they started, they have served with over 40 different industries and helped their clients generate over $100 million.

Their recruitment process was not just about filling positions; it was about finding individuals/top-tier talent who are capable of upholding the agency's high standards for quality and client satisfaction who could contribute to TLG's reputation for excellence and innovation in link building services.

When clients purchase link building they have high standards and candidates would need to match up to that.

Paisley, United Kingdom
25+ team members
Pain Points and Challenges

The Links Guy previously encountered challenges when hiring new team members. They utilized Google Forms to send tests to candidates, but this method had problems:

  • Timing and Cheating Issues: They couldn't track how long it took someone to finish a test or be sure the right person was taking it. This made it hard to know if candidates really had the skills they claimed.
  • Finding the Right Skills: It was tough to find people who were good at very specific jobs, like writing emails for outreach purposes or finding best placements on the website.

To fix these problems, The Links Guy wanted to:

  • Check Skills Properly: Create a better way to test and be sure of a candidate's true skills and knowledge.
  • Keep High Standards: Make sure they only hire the best people who truly fit the job and can maintain the company's high quality of work.
  • Make Hiring Smoother: Simplify the hiring process to save time and focus more on the main work of the company.


The team at The Links Guy began using WeCP to streamline their recruitment process, ensuring the integrity and effectiveness of their candidate evaluations. They started utilizing the platform's features to meet their specific requirements:

Proctored Assessments:

  • Timed Tests: Set time limits for tests to assess candidates' ability to work under deadline pressures.
  • Identity Verification: Used webcam technology to ensure the person taking the test was the actual candidate, maintaining the credibility of the process.
  • Screen Monitoring: Kept an eye on candidates' screens during tests to prevent dishonest practices and verify the authenticity of their skills.

User-Friendly Interface:

  • Easy-to-Use Platform: The platform was straightforward and user-friendly, making the process seamless for both candidates and the HR team.
  • Feedback Collection: Enabled the collection of candidate feedback after assessments, providing valuable insights to further refine the recruitment process.


  • Responsive Support: WeCP's customer support was readily available to promptly address and resolve any issues encountered during the recruitment process.
Results with WeCP (We Create Problems)

After implementing WeCP's platform, The Links Guy saw notable improvements in their recruitment process and overall team performance:

Enhanced Quality of Hires:

The thorough screening process ensured that only the most qualified candidates were selected. 

This was highlighted by the stringent shortlisting process, where only 26 out of the 716 assessed candidates were chosen, reflecting The Links Guy's commitment to upholding the highest standards in team quality. This led to a notable enhancement in the work quality of the entire team.

Increased Efficiency:

The recruitment process became more streamlined, saving valuable time and resources. This efficiency allowed The Links Guy to allocate more focus and energy to their core business activities.

Sharper Hiring Focus:

By prioritizing quality over quantity in their hiring, the company aligned its recruitment strategy with its goal of building a skilled and cohesive team. Even though this meant fewer candidates passed the screening, the ones who did were exactly what the company needed.

The implementation of WeCP's proctored assessments marked a significant transformation in The Links Guy's approach to recruitment. 

This strategic move not only made their hiring process more efficient and quality-driven but also played a crucial role in the company's ongoing pursuit to attract and retain top talent. 

This, in turn, ensures their continued excellence in service delivery within the highly competitive digital marketing sector.

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