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WeCP is a software platform to create, customize and conduct skill assessments. It gives candidates a real-easy environment to demonstrate their skills through coding, debugging, writing, selecting answers and video interviews.

Our Talent Assessment Products

Assessment Content Library

Create quality tests from world's largest library of skill and job role assessments.

Coding Skill Assessment

Develop and discover talents in coding - one of the most important job of now and future.

Data Science Assessment

Assess people with great talent in data science - one of the most promising skill.

ML/AI Skill Assessment

Hire and train talents on core ml/ai skills through an auto-evaluative environment faster.

Fullstack Dev Assessment

Technology is unthinkable without developers. Hiring them is super easy with our platform.

Online Hackathons

Conduct quality online hackathons and disover top performers in minutes.

Database Skill Assessment

Measure database engineering skills like SQL, NoSQL etc. in no time.

Blockhain Skill Assessment

Hire a developer by measuring hands-on skills on blockchain in no time.

Our Best Seller Assessments

Maths for ML

Cyber security

Neural Networks

Critical thinking



Angular 4/6

Focus strategy

Algorithmic coding

Business storytelling




What Our Customers Say

Our five drivers of fast, fair and large tech talent inclusion.

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Future is prediction of talent's quality

Early stage prediction of skill quality is expected to increase the ...

Predicting performance & retention

The tech recruitment would do the justice when it is possble ...

The laser focused use of AI in Talent inclusion

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