See how businesses like yours hire the best tech talent with us.

WeCP Customer Robert Bosch

Robert Bosch partners with WeCP (We Create Problems) to assess tech talent for 50+ modern digital skills.

Infosys - WCP (We Create Problems) Customer

Infosys uses WeCP (We Create Problems) to filter in the best tech talent and shorten their hiring process.

Upgrad - WCP (We Create Problems) Customer

Upgrad embraces remote assessments and fair evaluation using WeCP’s robust AI proctored assessments.

Great Learning improves classroom experience and engagement by conducting hands-on digital assessments and automated evaluations.

Mindtree - WeCP (We Create Problems) Customer

Mindtree seamlessly hires fresh-grads as well as experts in engineering for the most difficult skills using WeCP’s wide set of skill assessments.

GaragePlug - WeCP (We Create Problems) Customer

GaragePlug reduced its technical screening time to 1 hour from 10 days with WeCP (We Create Problems) and now interviews only qualified candidates.

Think Developer Skills. Think WeCP.

Evaluate over 2000+ technical skills using hands-on assessments faster, effortlessly, and accurately.
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