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Toppr is India’s leading after-school learning app for classes 5th to 12th which aims to create student-centric and personalized learning paths for every student. With its engaging learning products, gamified, and adaptive learning modules Toppr quickly became an industry leader and won several awards like “Best in Education Industry”, “Best Education Website”, etc…

Toppr’s learning paths are custom designed for each student’s unique learning needs. Today, millions of students trust Toppr’s academic modules and mock tests to achieve their academic goals.

Mumbai, Maharastra, India
Pain Points and Challenges

The Challenge: Scaling and Automating Assessments

Toppr’s old process was manual at every step which easily became tedious and time-consuming for the team. They used to manually check answers that were received through google forms. From sharing test invites to every candidate to creating evaluation reports everything used to take human effort and time which made it difficult for the Toppr team to scale its reach to more colleges and candidates. They also needed an online assessment solution that could effectively proctor remote tech assessment and give them confidence in the results.

Results with WeCP (We Create Problems)

The Solution: automate and scale its evaluation process.

WeCP was exactly the solution Toppr needed to automate and scale its evaluation process.

Here’s why Toppr chose WeCP –

Plagiarism detection: Unethical practice in online assessments has become a big concern for every company as all assessments are now conducted online. Toppr wanted advanced proctoring features such as full-screen violation detection, monitoring out-of-tab activities, permissible violation setting, disabling external copy/paste, etc.

On-demand questions: Test creation is a hassle-free experience on WeCP. Although the question library is always updated with 0.2M+ technical questions, WeCP’s content team keeps producing on-demand technical tests as per the customer’s requirements. This helped Toppr create benchmarks and evaluate their students better.

Highlights Of Business Benefits

Toppr’s process has become more scalable. The team can now reach out to more colleges and evaluate a higher volume of students which otherwise would have taken days with manual assessment methods.

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