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upGrad is South Asia’s largest higher ed-tech company which empowers the careers of evolving professionals with their outcome-based learning approach, an industry-relevant curriculum designed in collaboration with the top universities.

With its strong mentorship and placement support, upGrad has helped a million individuals globally and established its position as a leader among the best education brands in India.

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Pain Points and Challenges

The Challenge: Helping upGrad Effectively Scale Their Examination Process

upGrad runs several tech courses for which it constantly needs to conduct assessments. When upgrad found WeCP, they were conducting 300 exams per year. Today, the ed-tech giant caters to 2M+ registered users in 100 countries.

As the company scaled, they started looking for a robust tech assessment platform that could scale their remote examinations across different courses in different cities of the world. The remote proctoring with AI as well as Human Invigilation was key need of the hour. With upGrad, WeCP aimed at achieving 100% nps from learners.

Results with WeCP (We Create Problems)

The Solution: How upGrad uses WeCP's Online Assessment Platform

WeCP approached the problem with a three-pronged strategy –

Detect any form of unethical means to surpass an assessment such as cheating/violation: To curb this situation, upGrad made use of WeCP’s assessment tool, which allows for a live recording of online tests that makes playback easier when necessary. Additionally, the platform has an in-built video proctoring adept in preventing any dishonesty during an assessment. This helped flag any online violations (opening tabs/using pre-written online notes) being done and auto-alert the candidate for breaching them.

Allow for real-time invigilation when candidates appear for the examination: No matter the tech inventions, there is never a suitable replacement when it comes to the effectiveness of human invigilation. The team at WeCP was quick to decipher this and placed a team of online proctors to invigilate candidates during the test. This worked more effectively than offline proctoring because candidates weren’t able to see if a proctor’s eyes were on them. The one-way camera meant the candidates couldn’t attempt any malpractice as they would be incognizant of the proctor’s gaze.

Crafting and designing a good question library that can help evaluate students’ performance better: WeCP’s team worked closely in tandem with upGrad, right from the examination dates, to sorting out and creating questions for the assessment. The result? This helped streamline the examination process for upGrad. WeCP’s specific questions around Data Science, Software Development, and Management courses proved to be a better version for upGrad’s team to tap into and helped assess their learner efficiently.

Highlights Of Business Benefits

WeCP made the process more scalable for us and helped upGrad grow from three digit exams to six digit exams yearly. WeCP eliminates the need to build and maintain learner’s database in google sheets as each and every data is available on the platform. Our examination teams have become productive. Every manual step has been automated in WeCP for us. WeCP’s personal touch in customer success is personally my favourite.

WeCP simplified complex processes involved in the admission-to-graduation lifecycle of a learner and enhanced every learner’s experience on upGrad.

upGrad eliminated any potential logistic challenges by using WeCP’s online examination software. This meant saving considerable time and money in the creation and evaluation of exams.

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