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Embark on a revolutionary journey in talent acquisition with our latest advancements in AI-driven hiring solutions. As the landscape of recruitment evolves, so do we, and we're excited to unveil the next chapter in streamlining your hiring process.

Immersive Assessment Experience with Videos

Seamlessly upload videos to WeCP questions, configuring questions while videos, images and audio clips upload has never been easier. Experience a new level of convenience and flexibility with our enhanced video upload feature.

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Improved Candidate Experience, No Last-minute Hiccups

The new feature allows candidates to run a system check right from within their email inbox.

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Improved Candidate Experience, Panic No More

From system readiness checks to handling timer expirations on instruction pages, we're dedicated to ensuring a seamless experience for candidates and administrators alike.

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WeCP could solve things that were not solved before

It’s not us, but our customers speaking

honestly there’s nothing like it

We have evaluated more than hundreds of thousands of techies using WeCP until now. The tool has been very effective in assessing strengths and weaknesses of candidates.

Allahbaksh Asadullah
Principal Product Architect
what an experience!

With WeCP's automation capabilities, we've not only streamlined the process but also enhanced the candidate experience. You can check our website.

Paula Macnab
Hiring Manager
super efficient

After WeCP, our technical recruitment has become super efficient. We cut down the god damn time that our hiring managers used to spend talking to unqualified candidates.

Erich Raldmann
Managing Partner

Question your way to top talent. Identify people worth betting on.