Four benefits of freshers assessment tool

Reduce the strain on your engineering to do more screening without their involvement

Expand the funnel to reach more candidates than ever before

Cut off top of the funnel and thereby saving interviewers time

Accurately check and challenge candidate’s knowledge and expertise before hiring

Challenges in Freshers Assessment

  • Scalability – Recruiters who have been part of campus hiring drives know that you can get hundreds of applicants from a single campus. Taking a skill test of every applicant manually can take forever and also leads to compromise on the quality of assessment.
  • Time to hire – Since freshers have limited experience to prove their skills, pre-screening every candidate for entry-level tech roles can help you hire based on evidence. But, with a bulk of applicants to assess time to hire can easily shoot up in case of freshers assessment.
  • Conducting reliable assessment – This means using questions that are tried and tested to provide accurate results and creating an environment to prevent cheating during assessments. It is not possible to proctor candidates’ activity online without taking the help of technically advanced tools.

Why do recruiters choose WeCP to assess freshers?

Bulk testing

High volume freshers assessment and tight timelines are manageable with WeCP. When time and efficiency are at stake, WeCP can help assess up to 100k candidates at a time accurately with its auto-evaluation and auto-reporting features. The robust WeCP platform is meant to scale freshers assessment for enterprise-level hiring with guaranteed 100% uptime.

Cheating prevention

WeCP’s fresher’s assessment questions are unseen, practical and cannot be found anywhere else. These fresh and unique questions along with WeCP’s advanced proctoring technology prevents any attempt of cheating by proctoring violations like copy-paste, tab change, or any suspicious behaviour to ensure a completely fair screening.


Cheating & Plagiarism Prevention - WeCP (We Create Problems) Feature

Credible and valid questions

WeCP supports the largest test library of questions for over 2k+ technical skills created by expert engineers and developers. Our tests are based on scientific skill maps and deeply researched testing frameworks to accurately evaluate job-ready skills for entry-level talent to senior tech talent. Additionally, our tests go through several validity checks.

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