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2000+ Technology Skill Tests by WeCP

2000+ Technology Skill Tests by WeCP

According to World Economic Forum Reports of 2020, technology skill jobs would continue to dominate the future of work. While soft skills are important, core implementation skills in the technology job sphere would be paramount for the company’s growth in the experience economy.

Why Assess Tech Skills?

With the advancement in the cloud and online developer tools, technology skill level has become easily demonstrable and easily measurable. A bad tech hire is inevitable if a proper system-based evaluation of skills is not performed. It is believed that skill-focused hiring can help in the following ways:

  1. Reduces employee turnover by 30% – 75% due to a better match of the candidate and the job position
  2. Reduces employee training time, training cost, and time-to-full-productivity by 30% – 70%
  3. Nearly 70% reduction in cost-to-hire and 50% – 70% less time invested in hiring
  4. Significant rise in total employee productivity
  5. A customized skill test, in fact, gets you much better results because you design the test closer to your company’s needs

Skill is already a formal need for every company, but its assessments are still not. The need-of-the-hour for companies is to embrace assessments and look at skill-focused hiring instead of hiring based on resume and academic proxies.


Technology Function in a CompanyExample Job/SkillHow WeCP evaluates a candidate?  
Technology – Frontend/User ExperienceUI/UX Developer/Designer, Web Developer, JavaScript Developer, Android Developer, Product Designer, QA Engineer, iOS Developer, etc.Compiler-based, Project-based, Online Hackathon
Technology – ContentTechnical Content Writer, Documentation Specialist, Information Architect, etc.MCQ, Subjective, Case study, Work Sample
Technology – ManagementTech Lead, Product Owner, Product Manager, Engineering Manager, DevOps Manager, etc.Case Study, Diagramming
Technology – Backend RobustnessSoftware Developer Engineer, Python Developer, System Administrator, Database Engineer, DevOps Engineer, AWS Developer, Cloud Infra Engineer, Cloud Architect, Middleware Engineer, API Developer, Blockchain Developer, etc.Compiler-based, Virtual machine coding
Technology – MarketingProduct Marketer, Marketing Strategist, SEO Developer, Web Analytics Engineer, etc.Work Sample, Case Study
Technology – Data, Algorithms, and AnalyticsData Engineer, Data Science Engineer, ML/AI Developer, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Modeler, etc.Data-science programming, Data Visualisation, AI/ML programming
Technology – SecurityCloud Security Specialist, Network Security Engineer, Data Security Engineer, etc.Compiler-based, Virtual machine coding


WeCP Technology Skill Tests

WeCP started as one of the world’s first question-creation technology platforms. By mapping a company’s technology function to job and skill competency, WeCP identifies the most accurate skill evaluation methods.

Let us take an example of a company’s hiring scenario.

Objective: The company hiring department wants to hire for a Technology – Backend Robustness (function) – 5+ years experienced Cloud Infrastructure Engineer (job role) with a belief that the person will grow the cloud business by building a 100% available cloud solution (job competency). The skill that the company wants to assess is if the candidate has enough experience in troubleshooting AWS environments (skill).

WeCP: Recruiter logs in to WeCP Assessment Platform and creates a VM (Virtual Machine) based coding test (test evaluation) where the task is to fix a server crash and identify the root cause of the issue (test question). The platform further analyses the candidate’s performance and accuracy during the task. Recruiters see the final list of recommended candidates based on the overall performance and productivity levels.

WeCP Technology Skill Assessments can help companies find the very right potential candidate who is not just knowledgeable in skill but also highly productive. If you’re ready to screen techies, Schedule a demo and get started with WeCP.

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