Offline to Online – How Recruitment is Set for a Massive Shift

One of the primary roles of HR in the world of business is to ensure strategic growth and hiring is always going on. The heads of HR in any organization are key drivers to the company’s success and warrant a place in the leadership table.

The role of HR and, in particular, hiring has seen a seismic shift in the last few years. Easier access to technology has ensured that the process of screening candidates becomes dynamic. Operating with traditional modes of hiring is long gone, and digital talent assessment and virtual walk-ins are the way forward.

Virtual Interview: A New Way Of Interview Process

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Today, 72% of millennials browse for jobs on their phone, as it offers a more convenient way to access the best opportunities. It also means the new generation prefers digital methods to any other form – be it from browsing opportunities to giving interviews.

HR, too, is seeing a massive digital transformation, with advancements in AI, machine learning being invested in. It will transform the way interviews are taken, with companies seeking to use video platforms instead of sticking to traditional face-to-face meetings.

Close to 80% of turnovers are due to poor hiring. Good recruiting tools will not only save money and time with regard to F2F interviews but also properly assess a candidate based on their skill set and ability.

Recruiters can make use of some other brilliant tools that facilitate virtual interviews. These include screening resumes, proctoring tests, online critical analysis assessments, e-interview scheduling, and so much more. There are dedicated software that focuses mainly on virtual walk-in features to ease the process of online interviewing and is worth investing in, especially for large companies that need to assess skills for long-term recruits accurately.

Hiring Based On Skill Assessment Is Here To Stay

The core aspects of interviewing and screening candidates remain the same, and hiring based on talent will never go out of fashion.

One of the biggest challenges in the HR industry is the inability to identify talent, which leads to turnovers. This is where online assessment tools can allow you to smartly differentiate average candidates from the best ones, better than traditional face-to-face methods.

Hiring the right employees who are open to being upskilled is one of the virtues of a good recruiter. With the job market stagnating off late, companies are always on the lookout for talent that can adapt to dynamic and digital environments of work.

Close to 75% of HR Employees revealed difficulties in hiring mainly due to skill gaps in candidates. The usage of question banks, along with the inclusion of the relevant skill-based tests are one of the most critical assets in hiring a candidate, and online recruitment tools allow for these inclusions, making the onboarding process smoother.

Onboarding An Employee: Then vs. Now

Onboarding an employee digitally is challenge recruiters face as they need to help a candidate feel warm and make the company seem like a great place to grow. Revamping the management style is one way to go about it.

Virtual tours and keeping in touch via video chats are some of the best ways new employees can look forward to when it comes to feeling invited. With these methods, new joiners can go forth and begin communicating better and lead into productive candidates that stick around for long.

Can Virtual Hiring Process Spark Long-term Changes?

Yes absolutely!

Virtual hiring can spark long-term changes when done correctly. It works both ways – as companies can see a reduction in attrition rate by 50%, while remote employees can save up to $7000. In the long-term, remote working looks like it could be the way forward as it helps save on money and time.

Remote interviewing becomes a great way to critically analyze a potential candidate with logical reasoning tests and more while ensuring the company’s best interests are protected.

Ready To Transition For Future?

Thus, virtual hiring looks to be the way forward for getting in touch with the best candidates. With technology software such as WeCP focused primarily on conducting quality virtual interviews, it looks like the time to hire remotely is well and truly upon us.

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