Step-by-Step Guide to Technical Hiring of PySpark Developer

Hiring the right PySpark developers has never been so easy. Select the right sourcing channels and the best screening methods to hire faster.

If you’ve ever wondered “How can I hire a great PySpark developer?”, you’re at the right place.

Companies around the world are adopting PySpark as their primary big data processing framework as it offers a lot of flexibility for developers to work in their preferred language. Some popular companies like Amazon, Yahoo, Netflix, etc have invested in talent in PySpark.

You might be looking through all platforms to find the right PySpark developer, but are unable to find a suitable one.

So what must be wrong? What can you do to attract top talents? Smart, savvy, and an up-to-date recruitment process is the only way to find the right talent.

In this blog, we’ll show you exactly how to structure a recruitment process to source, screen, and hire the best PySpark developer quickly and effectively.

Let’s get started.

How to source PySpark developers?

Looking for places where PySpark developers hang-out is the right strategy to go here. Selecting the right sourcing channel is the most crucial step in the recruitment funnel. With the rising cost of posting on various recruitment channels, sourcing candidates saves you money without compromising on top talent

Luckily, there is a myriad of sourcing channels available that can catalyse your process of finding the best Pyspark developer.

So without further ado, let’s get started with the best sourcing channels that you must definitely try.

1. Online job posting sites

Did you know that more than 41 million people search for jobs every single year?

Job boards are the #1 channel for digital recruitment today. Recruitment agencies and Hiring Managers can easily post advertisements for open job positions and then wait for the candidates to trickle in.

There are several platforms where you can post relevant job postings for the PySpark development roles.    

  • LinkedIn                                                                      

With over 1000+ Pyspark Developer jobs, LinkedIn is the perfect base for hiring. It allows you to view the candidates’ experience, qualifications, and all the job-related information on their profiles. It also lets you contact the right candidate directly, saving time.

  • Glassdoor

Presenting over, 300+ job openings for the role of Pyspark development, Glassdoor is no exception.  You can easily attract, influence and hire qualified job seekers by beating your competitors with employer branding solutions, plus employee insights and analytics.

  • Indeed

Indeed lets you post a job for free. With 9,000+ PySpark roles, Indeed lets you filter the right talent and build your candidate pool effortlessly.

  • Monster

Monster is an international job board that connects job-seekers and employers. Monster’s prices vary per month, depending on the package you choose, to post vacancies and search for candidates. You could choose to be active on this job site if it matches your preferences as well as the size and budget of your business.

  • AngelList                                                                        

AngelList is a U.S. website that connects new recruiters with job-seekers looking to work at startups. As a recruiter, you can sort candidates based on their skills, the work culture they prefer and what they are looking to seek from their work.

  • Careerbuilder                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Careerbuilder is a job portal similar to Indeed and Monster. It will give you the ability to source, contact and hire the right person by using a mix and match of 15 different filters. It also gives you access to over 125 million unique candidates, matched to more than 45 million resumes. You surely don’t want to miss this!

2. Company Career Page

A company’s website is a powerful selling tool. It was basically designed to function as a company’s digital representation. It helps sell your brand while pushing your product and service. A well-made website has the power to convert curious leads into paying customers, and curious visitors into enthusiastic applicants.

If you wish to seek job applicants by displaying to them your work culture, core values, and vision at large, the career page is a MUST to have.

3. Employee Referrals

An employee referral is a hiring method where employers get recommendations from their employees for new hires. This is perhaps the most successful yet slowest of all the channels. As it takes very little effort and minimal costs, employee referrals can yield some of the best talents a company could recruit.

Undoubtedly, sourcing candidates requires both time and money. By acquiring talents through employee referrals, companies do not have to invest an extra amount of money in additional tools. According to a survey by ToolBox, employee referrals help organizations to hire 55% faster than career sites.

4. Social Media Channels

Social media is by far the most active aspect of the digital world and the best way to connect directly and instantly with potential candidates.

Generally, businesses spend over $4,000 to hire new employees. But here’s the good news! Sourcing candidates through social media helps companies reduce a fair amount of time and money as posting advertisements via social media platforms requires zero dimes. Plus, sourcing candidates through social media helps you broaden your talent pool and pushes your recruitment process on a speed lane.

5. Candidate Database

Candidate Database is all about revisiting your existing candidate database for a previously-acquired resume that may just fit a newly available position. This makes it easier to browse through available candidate data for the right fit than it is to go around sourcing new ones.

Now that you have successfully sourced candidates, it’s time to test their skills and check if they suit your job requirements.

What are the skills to look for in a PySpark developer?

Over the decade, the demand for PySpark talent has increased exponentially. Undoubtedly, PySpark is one of the most sought skills for companies handling Big Data. But, the question that is often asked is – What skills do I look for when screening for Pyspark.

Assessment blueprint for PySpark Develooper

Assessment blueprint for PySpark Developer

1. Fundamental Concepts

New tools and best practices are constantly emerging, and the best engineers will stay abreast of the latest developments. However, concepts like Spark Libraries, RDD, Spark Core, HDFS commands and architecture are the building blocks to becoming a PySpark developer.

For testing these fundamentals, MCQs are ideal because they fit through the time limit of the screening test and most of the concepts can be checked theoretically. Also, this ensures that there is no bias towards a particular stack or technology.

2. Programming

PySpark Developers create code to ensure that Big Data is available – it is all about ensuring the relevant data is available in the shortest time possible when a query is raised. This role requires a significant set of technical skills, including a deep knowledge of SparkSQL, SparkML-Lib, Spark GraphX, SparkR, Spark Streaming along with expertise in related technologies like Apache Kafka, Storm, Hadoop, and Zookeeper

These skills can be better tested by using programming skills assessment and code gaps for a PySpark Developer.

Screen candidates for PySpark development with WeCP

WeCP is a tech recruitment platform for conducting technical screenings, remote interviews. Our platform reduces the stress, cost and time on the in-house technical team of recruiting a viable candidate through:

Customised Skill Assessments

With a repository of over a million questions for assessing over 2000 tech skills, with specific questions for PySpark, WeCP helps recruiters analyze the problem-solving capabilities and expertise of the candidates.

Deep Analysis of Candidate performance

For a successful analysis of the candidate’s performance an efficient technical screening tool filtering the qualified candidates with 1000+ programming assessment tests and 12+ metrics to hire tech talent with a pre-built and customizable library of tests makes the job of the recruiters and hiring managers easier and smoother by 10 times.

Our platform analyzes candidates’ performance and provides detailed reports that are easy to understand for non-technical recruiters.

Our Pyspark developer test template is intricately designed and includes questions that cater to your company’s demands and guarantee to help you find the best talent.

In a nutshell

Due to the increased usage of data analytics in organizations worldwide, the future is looking bright for Spark developers. As a result, the pool of Spark developers will grow, making it even easier for your business to find and hire a Spark engineer that is perfect for the job.

If you’re ready to hire a Spark engineer now, let’s make it easy for you.

Acquire the best PySpark developers through our recruitment platform, WeCP. We’ll help you conduct reliable skills assessments to handpick the most talented candidates.

Ready to hire the best PySpark developer? Let’s shake hands.


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