What is Candidate Screening?

Accurately Challenge a Candidate's Knowledge With Live Coding Tasks

The main concern of all recruiters is – whether the candidate can get the job done or not. Candidate screening compares the candidate’s knowledge, experience and skills to the job description and filters out the best tech talent to move forward in the hiring funnel

#1 Candidate Screening Tool

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Four benefits of candidate screening using skill assessment

Reduce the strain

Reduce the strain on your engineering to do more screening without their involvement

Cut off top of the funnel

Cut off top of the funnel and thereby saving interviewers time

Expand the funnel

Expand the funnel to reach more candidates than ever before

Accurately check

Accurately check and challenge candidate’s knowledge and expertise before hiring

Challenges in Candidate Screening

Although recruitment is anyways filled with a lot of hurdles like hiring manager expectations, competitive talent market, etc. 8 in 10 recruiters consider screening the most difficult part of the hiring process here’s why –

Set test duration

Time to Fill

It’s the only step when your talent funnel is filled the most, screening everyone without a tool seems impossible. Taking too long to assess all the candidates from the funnel can delay business growth and give other companies a time advantage. And we don’t want either of these.

Improve candidate participation, and experience

Quality of hire

Quality is always at risk and traditional one-dimensional screening methods can leave room for the chance of a bad hire. You always want to double-check that you are hiring the best of your talent pool. But creating the perfect assessment for a technical role requires time and understanding of the skills required which is difficult without technical knowledge.

Set test duration

Choosing the right tool

Candidate screening not just differs between organizations, it even differs between roles. You need a screening tool that can help you in the long term, to screen for ever-changing future skills and roles as well. Understanding the bigger picture and finding the right tool from an ocean of options can take some trial and error.

Why do recruiters choose WeCP to screen candidates?


Ready to Use Skill Tests

WeCP provides 2000+ test templates built by hiring experts along with nearly 0.2M+ unique technical questions at your fingertips so you never have to search for quality questions again! The best part? You can customise these screening tests to your specific needs.

  • Ready-to-use test templates for more than 2000 technical skills
  • Largest question library of ready to use technical assessments
  • Flexible test editor to create and customise as per your needs

Hassle-free Code Editor

With the support of (no.) programming languages, WeCP’s Code Editor is made to handle advanced coding tests with ease. Its intuitive UI makes it a favourite of all developers.

  • User-friendly Interface for test-takers
  • Robust code editor to handle advanced programs

Cheat-proof and Fair Evaluation

By using WeCP’s proctor settings, identify the dishonest candidates, conduct a fair and square candidate screening and hire only the best tech talent!

  • Monitor or prohibit out of tab activities
  • Identity verification with AI Video Proctoring

WeCP For Candidate Screening

Join 100+ SaaS startups that use WeCP’s industry-leading technical skill assessment software to hire excellent tech team in no time. And, it’s free to use.

Easy customisation

Easy Customisation

Easily customize the technical assessment platform to suit your needs.

Hands-on tasks

Hands-on tasks

Know your candidate’s skills by actually doing the tasks.

AI Proctoring

WeCP’s advanced proctoring effectively prevents cheating during assessment tests.

Get Code Quality

Get Code Quality

Get a deeper understanding of a candidate’s coding skills.

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