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A Definitive Guide to hire an excellent JavaScript developer

Hiring kick-ass JavaScript developers is not an easy task. According to the 2020 Developers Survey by Stackoverflow, JavaScript is one of the most in-demand skills in the tech world today. Due to the large community, it might seem easier to find JavaScript developers but that’s not really the case. Finding good JavaScript developers can be an arduous task, which is why we have decided to write this article and make it a bit easier for recruiters and hiring managers.

In this article, we’ll walk through some of the best practices for hiring excellent JavaScript developers by putting them through a skill assessment process.

Skills that you must assess for the JavaScript developer position

Fundamentally great JavaScript developers have strong problem-solving skills. They have excellent command over the JavaScript language and can learn any JS framework quite easily. However, we suggest the below three key skills that one must evaluate in a potential candidate for the JavaScript developer position:

  1. Do they understand JavaScript theories well?
  2. Do they practice design patterns while coding in JavaScript?
  3. Are they smart and fast in debugging?

How to assess JavaScript skills correctly?

JavaScript is a vast skill. There are multiple ways of judging JavaScript expertise. There are a plethora of core JavaScript concepts and there are a dozen of JavaScript frameworks. Therefore to find a jack of JavaScript trade, we suggest you follow the below SkillMap while evaluating the candidates.

How to hire a JavaScript Developer - WeCP (We Create Problems) Blog Skillmap

During the screening round, we ask candidates to write a program to design a basic system using JavaScript and then solve a logic question using JavaScript. This follows a video interview round with the interviewer to check the candidate’s technical communication and some whiteboarding if necessary.

How can WeCP help?

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