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How To Conduct Online Assessments for DevOps Hiring

If you are looking to hire the best DevOps engineer or developer for your company, then you need to conduct a DevOps assessment test. A DevOps developer or engineer needs to have the right skills and knowledge necessary for developing and communicating with the end-user and stakeholders. 

This is crucial because they are responsible for managing the application development lifecycle of an organization. A DevOps assessment contains a set of questions to test the required skills and hire the best person for the job. But how exactly do you conduct an online DevOps assessment test online? Find out below.

Why Do Companies Use Real-World DevOps Tasks to Judge DevOps Engineers?

Real-world DevOps tasks can be beneficial when looking for a candidate to fill in a DevOps Engineer position. Here are some advantages of conducting the test.

Simplifies the Hiring Process

The right DevOps assessment test will simplify your hiring process, allowing you to add your staffing as soon as possible. This test not only identifies potential candidates but also assesses them based on different skill sets. 

Besides, there are different types of DevOps tests, and you can customize the tests to align with your recruitment process. This means that you will hire job-fit candidates in a timely and effortless manner.


Eliminates Biases

If applicants are not given an equal opportunity, there is a high likelihood that the hiring process will involve biases. DevOps enables companies to validate the skills of all applicants and judge them based on a data-driven ranking system.

So, instead of relying on the applicant’s resume, you will allow them to showcase their skills. Hence, they are judged purely based on their ability. This will help your company make an informed hiring decision. 


Predicts Job Performance

Using scientifically-validated tests, DevOps assessment tests will allow you to test job-specific skills to help you find the right applicants. For instance, for a DevOps developer to record increased performance, they must possess crucial skills like automation, coding, scripting, and more.


Ensures Success for Your Business

A DevOps assessment test evaluates the ability of a candidate to understand the various DevOps concepts and principles and integrate them into your organization. Candidates that understand these practices can easily implement them in your organization’s culture, ensuring a seamless and smooth operation.

This also helps to scale and speed up operations, and automate the process, thus increasing the chances of success. 


Enhances Collaboration Between Teams

The other advantage of the DevOps test is that it can help bring both the operation and development processes of a business. There is a need for proper collaboration between teams and finding a responsible candidate is one way to ensure this. Where there is proper collaboration, people can be more productive, and this prevents issues.


How Does DevOps Test Looks Like?

A DevOps test is focused on evaluating the ability of candidates to understand and apply the programming concepts. This is crucial for DevOps hiring since DevOps forms a central hub in which operations and development can work together seamlessly.

Through this test, employers can easily unlock the potential of candidates and compare the top performers based on their skills. Candidates that pass this test have both the soft skills and the technical skills to deploy a code and maintain a good relationship with the developers.

Creating a DevOps Test

There are many DevOps Test providers, and the format you use to create the assessment tests will depend on the provider.

Here are some simple steps to follow:


Step 1: Create the Tests

Building a DevOps assessment test is as easy as choosing the tests you want and adding your custom tests. You can build the assessment test that best works for your needs through customization. 



Step 2: Invite Candidates to a DevOps Test + Offering Necessary Tools

The next step is to invite candidates for the DevOps tests. You can do this through email or integrate the test into your careers page, social post, or even a job ad. You can also send A direct link to connect with interested applicants.

In this stage, you may also want to provide the candidates with the necessary tools that will help them complete the test. DevOps tools such as code development will test the applicant’s knowledge of the concept and practices of coding and whether they can apply it to improve your business. 



Step 3: Get Reports

Once the applicants have done the assessment test, they will be assessed based on their skills to help determine the most suitable for your needs. You will receive readable and easy-to-interpret reports and rankings to see the best candidates. Basically, you will get a breakdown of the results for each skill and an assessment response.


Step 4: Interpreting the Final Report of the Candidate + the DevOps Task Submission

You can download the test from the DevOps tests and share it with the candidates and your colleagues. You can also use the collaboration tools to compare candidate reports, leave responses, and tag qualified candidates to proceed to the next level.

One of the best DevOps test generators is WeCP. It’s easy to use and provides solid assessments that can help you find the right talent for your company.


A DevOps engineer can help reduce downtime, enhance infrastructure, and increase the performance of a company. That is why you need to find the right candidate for the job. We hope this article has helped guide you on how to conduct an online DevOps assessment effectively.

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